Import stuff from Outlook-2010 to Outlook-2013

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by niraj_pandya, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. niraj_pandya

    niraj_pandya MDL Novice

    Oct 11, 2014
    I recently upgraded my office suite from 2010 to 2013.
    However, I'm not able to find all my stuff of outlook-2010 within new outlook-2013.
    How to recover?
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  2. Planner

    Planner MDL Novice

    Sep 17, 2011
    If you have upgraded and not Installed a new version of the Office suite all your files should be there.

    If you cannot find your outlook files search across your computer for *.pst.
    (This is your outlook Data file that contains all your mail.)

    [Very Important - Do Now !!]
    Ensure Office 2013 is not running. When you find the *.pst file, copy[Not Move] the file somewhere safe to ensure that you cannot accidentally overwrite or corrupt the file.

    In the same location may be other files that have the same name but different file type, copy them too.
    i.e. MyMail.pst = Outlook mail file , also copy any files called MyMail.* [Same name different filetype.]

    Ensure the files are copied cleanly and for maximum safety check the checksums of the original & copied files to ensure the copy is 100% identical.
    [I use Hashtab 5.1.0 from, it will checksum any file when you rightclick 'Properties' and select the File Hashes tab]

    I have just upgraded a laptop to Office 2013 from Office 2010 and the files were migrated and automatically updated the first time you open MS Outlook.
    It does work, so you need to check if the upgrade was completed with NO ERRORS.
    Check Windows logs in the Event Viewer.
    Were any passwords required & mistyped that prevent Outlook from working correctly as it cannot open files.

    From Outlook 2013 you can select a file to open, which if you navigate to the location of the *.pst file will open it as a folder set.
    [It will prompt for a password if the mail Data files have been Encrypted when created by Office 2010.]

    You need to refer to the Help files that comes with Office 2013 as Office 2013 is different to Office 2010 and some of the layout and screens are changed.

    I could help more if you could identify more precisely what does and does not work.