Install WinRE on a hidden partition

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Gremo, Mar 16, 2011.

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    I'd like to make a WinRE environment to install a custom wim that does not fit on my DVD. My first question is, how to install WinRE in my computer without having Windows in it? I mean, how to create the hidden partition and put the relevant files in it following this * tutorial? Another question is, will WinRE allow me (through the "CompletePC Restore" option) to create a custom partition layout every time i run it? Will I lost the recovery env. option F8 evey time i restore a wim image?

     select disk 0
     create partition primary size=4090 id=27
     select partition 1
     format fs=ntfs label=Recovery
    then again from WinRE environment i copied D:\sources\boot.wim and D:\boot\boot.sdi into C:\WinRe.wim and C:\boot.sdi respectively (C:\ is the letter assigned to the recovery partition):

     copy D:\boot\boot.sdi C:\boot.sdi
     copy  D:\sources\boot.wim C:\WinRE.wim
    then i removed the letter using diskpart:

     select volume 1
     remove letter=C
    So, what should I do now? Thanks for helping

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    If you want to create a recoverypartition, take a look at anarethos recoverytool, it does the job perfectly.

    Otherwise you can copy the W7 DVD to a partition and make it bootable or use acronis trueimage to create a recoverypartition.
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    Well, if you want to install WinRE juste because your WIM file is too bing to fin on a DVD, you may try the following :

    - Create an bootable HDD with the content of the (too big) DVD on it to install. Simply format the HDD and make the partition active from Windows 7 and copy the DVD to the root of it
    - Split the WIM file into SWM file. When Windows will see Install.Swm file at the place of the Install.Wim file, it will ask for the next DVD when needed
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