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    I am having a strange installation problem with a piece of [otherwise awesome] software called iMindmap 5.3 on Windows 8. It installed fine the first time, but I brutally uninstalled it after I messed up a crack... I must have broken something. Wanted to start the installation from scratch, but now I never manage to complete the installation. After unpacking and starting the install proper, the installation program stops and says:
    • I have uninstalled both v. 4 and v. 5.3 of this software.
    • I have cleaned out the registry of ALL values relating to this software. I
    • have emptied Temp and
    • manually got rid of all files on C: to do with this software.
    • Ran sfc /scannow - it found nothing wrong
    Event viewer says: Product: iMindMap 5 -- Error 2755. Server returned unexpected error 1610 attempting to install package C:\Users\Hanna\AppData\Roaming\ThinkBuzan\iMindMap 5\install\FDA4835\imindmap5_setup.msi. Googled the error message and Microsoft claimed that installation error 1610 is when the installation could not proceed while the OS is active. That makes no sense, since it worked fine the first time I tried the install. I couldn't be a Win8 issue, since the installation worked fine the first time I did it. At my wits end - really need this software. Can't call the vendor, obviously..... but this is probably not a fault they'd be able to solve anyway... MDL is my last hope! Any idea what could be going on? I don't understand too well how installations actually work... Could I "debug" it, so to speak? I mean, do one step at a time? Any tips on anything else to try?
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    Sep 15, 2012
    Solved through the following steps:
    Download v. 5.4 (the cracked Russian version, search Yandex) not going to post any links.
    Clean out all "ThinkBuzan" and imindmap files from ProgramData, Program Files and Program Files 86
    Install .Net 3.5 if you don't have that installed.
    Run the install file. Remove the Chinese characters from the folder name.
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    Take care on this forum we are not interested on problems related to using cracks this is not a warez forum.
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    I was missing the `Windows\Installer` folder. Created it and that solved it.