installed windows 8 all good, activation and all that too, and now?

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by SpeedDream, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Feb 20, 2012
    hey hey hey
    I installed win 8 pro volume key as my main operating system, backed up 7 anything wrong i get all back
    in 10 mins, all the kms thing went fine thanks to the geniuses' comments up there :)

    I basically use Adobe CS6, gta IV episodes from liberty city, foobar with channel mixer
    mediainfo, jdownloader and utorrent, firefox good, to have win8 detect my
    amd 4kb sector size had to install amd's raid driver (tip for amd people, install amd sata raid
    drivers, it's a lot faster and more stable)

    the cpu thing's simple you need nx bit and virtualization support mine amd fx 8120
    2 500 gb raid 0 with uefi driver, m5a99x evo motherboard and atheros 500X wlan,

    My pptp vpn works all good.
    I found out if you right click on the lowest left corner you get lots of
    handy stuff.
    5.1 realtek alc892 surround good as with windows 7
    anyone wants to have me test anything running in native mode i can help

    here goes what's up now
    ta ta