Installing FLP (Windows Fundamentals) on a SATA drive

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    This is about installing FLP or Windows Fundamentals on a SATA drive.

    When I install FLP on a PC with a SATA drive (or RAID) it installs, however on boot I get a BSOD. I have wasted hours on this installing and forcing drivers and it might boot once, then go wrong again.

    What I understand is FLP is loading an internal driver, not the provided driver and therefore can't mount the SATA (or RAID) drive. When FLP is installed on an ATA disk, the SATA (or RAID) disks can be mounted and accessed. However I am looking at a way to install FLP on a SATA disk (dropped the RAID).

    A common trick is to install on an ATA disk, then install the SATA (or RAID) drivers and clone it to the SATA (or RAID) disk. Well in this situation, no luck with this one.

    I thought slipstreaming the provided SATA might solve it. What I have found so far is FLP is using the WIM format and I have to mount it with imagex then edited it. I am inexperienced with WIM files so I am looking for help. What is the best way to deal with Wim files? Where in the mounted WIM file do I look for the drivers and where should I put the appropriate SATA driver?
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    You might help you need in this thread (and all the links from it)

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    I still haven't got to exploring and editing the WIM files, and maybe never will.

    But, on a recent installation I was able to successfully clone a WinFLP from an ATA to a SATA disk. Although, ymmv. A brief try while working on the FLP set-up did -to my surprise- work. When finishing the set-up it did work but with all kinds of troubles. I then cloned an earlier stage of the set-up and that works good. Weird huh?

    There's more weirdness. I was unable to install Panda Cloud or AVG antivirus. It simply would fail every time for undetermined reasons. I have had no problems with Panda and AVG on other machines with FLP before.
    I then tried a new install, just to see if it would make a difference, and that had different icons on the desktop, the Windows 2000 style icons. And still would not install Panda or AVG.

    Finally with the service-pack I had Avira up and running. Installing the service-pack means, on my machines, issues with the icons in the sys-tray. I want them to show, and after the service-pack, Windows is hiding them and ignoring the settings from the taskbar properties. Then it takes a lot of trouble and registry editing to get them permanently showing again.

    Anyway, an explanation for successfully cloning from ATA to SATA may be that I did not bother to try to install SATA drivers during set-up. I installed on ATA without the intention to clone to SATA. Only when ATA was up and running with drivers et all I installed the SATA driver. That's all I can think of and I did not test this any further. But I have another system with a SATA disk I want to install FLP to so we'll see...

    As for RAID, on the installation disk is a Microsoft document that names problems with RAID controllers and that it does not work anyway.