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Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by dazzer9535, Jul 29, 2009.

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    Hi, first post here and I must say what a wealth of info, I belong to other forums aswell but they pale in comparison to the knowledge here, I have been lurking but now its time for a post, here goes.

    Ok im trying to install Vista using a Install DVD with all the variations of Vista on the DVD, I can install Vista up but upon reboot Vista tells me the product key is wrong upon activation (the letters are smudged).

    So I have re-installed again using a different key and the same error appears, I do have a legit COA but I cant install Vista Home Basic on a Compaq C700 well a C74OEM to be precise.

    Does anyone know how to help me as I have a £400 brick at the moment, I have been reading about OEM keys, is this the route I should take? and if so how do I go about this.

    HP wont help me even after £8 on mobile phone calls :(

    Thank You. :)
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    412 people viewing this forum and no replies ah well :D
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    It seems my first post may of been over ambitious.

    Oh well the search for a forum with people in the know continues.
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    Your question maybe just fell back too fast...activity in here is really high, especially regarding Win7 etc.

    If you have your sticker and all that, maybe you can go to a shop and show someone your problem.
    But there is not much to do about that, I think.

    Is there no way of maybe guessing the letters?
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    I think I maybe ok, Ive installed XP on a the C74OEM laptop, had an issue with sound but thats fixed now, sorry for being a bit off earlier :rolleyes:

    This is a busy forum I had to bump my woes somehow, thing is its only 17months old and PCW are hopeless, and HP may do a replacement.

    Cheers :)