Integrate7 script – automatically download and slipstream all updates up to 12/2018!

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    What is it for ?

    It gets Windows 7 ISO image (any language, any architecture), download all post-SP1 updates directly from Microsoft site and create new bootable Windows 7 ISO (with all updates integrated).

    It also removes all bloatware (Telemetry, Diagnostics, Windows Defender).

    In short: it turns Windows 7 SP1 DVD into Windows 7 Dec 2018 edition DVD.

    And it is fully open-source shell script (no hidden features).

    What are pre-requisites ?

    1. Windows 7 or later.

    2. Windows ADK 8.1 or later installed (for dism, imagex and oscdimg tools).

    3. Tools included in the package (all are free and open-source) :
    - 7-Zip (for unpacking ISO DVD)
    - wget (for downloading updates)
    - NSudo (for manipulating protected folders and registry keys, like removing Windows Defender)

    How to use the script ?

    1. Just copy original Windows 7 DVD in .iso format (download it from Microsoft) to the same location as Integrate7 script.

    Alternatively, you can just copy a contents of your DVD to DVD directory of the script.

    2. Run Integrate7 as Administrator (right click, Run as Administrator).

    3. Choose image index (or “A” for all images in DVD).

    4. Wait, wait, wait.

    5. Finally Windows7_<your_architecture>_<you_language>.iso will be created with all updates and fixes included.

    What the script does in details ?

    1. Looks for .iso image inside main script directory, then it unpacks first found .iso image.

    If .iso image is not found, it checks if DVD directory contains already unpacked Windows 7 installation files (especially install.wim and boot.wim files). If yes, it will use it.

    2. Checks whether the image is proper Windows 7 image (only single-architecture, single-language images are supported).

    3. Asks user to choose image index (you could use eg. Windows 7 Professional only or all images available together).

    4. Downloads all Windows 7 updates up to December 2018, including recommended updates, including IE11, RDP 8.0 server and RDP 8.1 client.

    This step is skipped if updates are already downloaded (and are available in hotfixes folder)

    5. Slipstream all downloaded updates to your image (including IE11 language pack for language of your image).

    6. Applies custom fixes, ie:

    - disables Customer Experience Improvement Program and Diagnostics

    - disables and removes Telemetry (which is included in December 2018 cumulative update)

    - disables and removes Windows Defender (could be switched off)

    - disables System Restore (could be switched off)

    - disables all logging (could be switched off)

    - disables and removes Action Center

    - disables Windows Search Indexer

    - disables Application Compatibility Assistant (obsolete, since Windows XP era is gone)

    - removes some unnecessary scheduled tasks (like scheduled diagnostic or defragmentation)

    - disables Meltdown and Spectre hotfixes (to speed up CPU)

    - disables autoshare of your disks in local network

    - disables autoplay of disks other than CD/DVD (for security)

    - adds “Computer” icon to Desktop

    - replaces default IE11 homepage with blank (about:blank) and search engine with Google

    - adds EULA accepted for SysInternal tools (cosmetic)

    7. Integrates your drivers (if you provide ones) to install.wim, boot.wim and winRE.wim of your Windows 7 DVD.

    8. Repacks/recompresses install.wim and boot.wim images (to save some space).

    9. Creates new bootable ISO DVD image (using Microsoft OSCDIMG tool).

    How to customize the script ?

    Just edit Integrate7.cmd First section contains on/off switches (0 = off, 1 = on).

    Hotfixes download links are located in files hotfixes\hfixes_all.txt and hotfixes\ie11_all.txt, but there is no reason to edit them.

    How to add custom drivers ?

    Just add your drives (.inf, .sys, .cat files) to following folders:

    - add_these_drivers_to_Installer\<your_architecture>

    - add_these_drivers_to_Windows\<your_architecture>

    - add_these_drivers_to_Recovery\<your_architecture>

    Installer drivers will be integrated into boot.wim, Windows drivers will be integrated into install.wim, and Recovery drivers will be integrated into winRE.wim (inside install.wim).

    In particular, USB3 and mass-storage drivers should be added here, if you have new PC machine.

    How to add other custom files ?

    Just copy your files to the following folder:

    - add_these_files_to_Windows\<your_architecture>

    Everything here will be copied to install.wim, and will be located on main drive (usually C:) after installation.

    What if execution of Integrate7 gets interrupted ?

    Just run UnmountCleanUp.cmd. This script will unmounts remnants and removes garbage.

    What is NOT included ?

    1. Telemetry-only or activation checking updates (I recommend against installing them through WU. Just hide them, when using WU).

    2. Packages not included in original Windows 7 installation DVD, like:

    - .NET Framework 4+
    - DirectX 9.0c Redistributable (June 2010)
    - Windows Management Framework 5.1
    - Windows Remote Software Administration Tool
    - etc.

    If You need them, download them manually and/or use Windows Update.

    Download links of the script:

    - v1.0: drive[dot]google[dot]com/open?id=1i9y9Ka7IxwL1D5beWqCi728xAj61h5LF

    - v1.1a (current): drive[dot]google[dot]com/open?id=1X0n-ESFKIP4VEnZcGZOQfijy9m4ZbAze
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    New version 1.1a:

    1. Update hotfixes up to January 2019

    2. Included workaround and recently released hotfix for bug in January 2019 Rollup Update (KB4480970), ie: “remote shared folders inaccessible”.

    a) Workaround for above bug:
    reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\system /v LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

    b) Hotfix for above bug: KB4487345

    3. Improvements in:
    - Remove System Restore (completely remove instead of just disable)
    - Remove Telemetry (more settings and tasks removed)
    - Remove Windows Defender (more settings and garbage removed)
    - Remove Unnesessary Background Tasks

    4. Tested: dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth

    shows no errors. Windows Update works with no problems.

    Link: drive[dot]google[dot]com/open?id=1X0n-ESFKIP4VEnZcGZOQfijy9m4ZbAze

    Thank You for the script. I have reviewed it and improved mine based on it and on my further experience.
    What regards to components removal.
    In fact, I see no reason to remove every unneeded component from Windows 7. Space is not the problem today. I want only remove components that slows down system, spies, etc. - ie. typical bloatware.
    But I want system that is fully usable.
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