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    Mar 1, 2010
    everest extreme is showing that i have an intel BIOS with a gateway oem id. it's an emachines T3604 with an intel coryville d945gcl mobo. this is my brother's machine. anyone have any experience with these? do these fall into the same category as the hps and compaqs with not being able to mod or mod with problems?

    BIOS Type: Intel
    BIOS Version: CF94510J.15A.0028.2006.1213.1629
    OEM Table ID: SYSTEM
    Motherboard ID: CF94510J.15A.0028.2006.1213.1629
    Motherboard Name: Intel Coryville D945GCL
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    Sep 22, 2008
    Of course not - any Intel mobo newer than based on 925 chip has EFI based BIOS, and it's *.bio file will NOT be flashable if modded. But there's a hope for "live" SLIC injection via some bootable floppy image or something alike, search other topics for Intel BIOS modding requests - someone asked to pm them if you're interested to try this.
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    Mar 1, 2010
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    sure, as long as there's some hope for recovery if the live injection fails. i mean, we have another t3604 with the exact same specs, but i'd rather not have to scrap one of the machines if i don't have to (bios injection fails, renders machine in an unbootable state). for now i'll just use the software based loader.

    edit: are you absolutely positive on chipsets newer than 925 using only uefi? i know this sounds dumb considering intel pioneered uefi, but i'm pretty certain this board is still using the old standard.
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    Did you check this yet? -

    Also you have the Gateway version & their BIOS (which is most likely way different than original Intel) is not modifiable at all

    You have to use other means of SLIC injection (windslic, bootable CD with slic in grub loader, DAZ loader etc., choice is your & it is wast)
    You only need to read a bit