Intel D525MW Flash image

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    Mar 18, 2012
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    Hello everybody,
    I have an Intel D525MW Motherboard lying on my desk which has an erased SPI Flash chip (please, don't ask how this happened ;) ). I have the possibility to write it externally with an SPI programmer, but I can't use the image Intel provides on its webpage, because it is now raw flash image, but an EFI capsule which is only meant for updating the board if it is in a working state. I haven't yet found out how to convert such a capsule into a firmware volume which basically is a raw flash image. If that is even possible...

    I also tried the recovery feature. No chance. The flash is completely erased and so the recovery feature is also lost.

    Does anybody of you guys have this board? Maybe somebody still has a working backup of the flash chip lying around somewhere which he/she could give to me?
    That would save my board. I've been searching for a dump for several hours now, but couldn't find one :(

    Thank you very much!