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    Application: Internet Download Manager
    Application Download: Download Internet Download Manager
    Reviewed on: February 21st, 2017
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    Everything on the internet or in the virtual world is some form of data. Data that can be created, data that can be uploaded, data that can be seen or listened to in the form of music and videos. But we internet users are mostly concerned with our needs to download all of them data.

    While it is easy to upload a data anywhere on the internet by signing up an account or storing it on cloud, downloading all of them data can be a hassle.

    Not all sites allow you to download an mp3 or a streaming video. And even when you manage to start the download, you just find it difficult to keep the download speed up even after having a good internet connection.

    Now, in a world where you are judged by your skills and your internet connection is judged by how fast the download speed is, we get tired sitting around, wondering what's wrong with our internet connection or the website.
    This is where IDM comes into picture.

    Today, high-speed Internet connections are ubiquitous, but it does not mean that from time to time we do not need help with downloading files from the network.

    Every modern web browser nowadays comes with download capabilities, and while they do get the job done for us users, they tend to usually fail when it comes to other capabilities such as download management and advanced features.

    Download and Installation

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The above video demonstrates (and covers) the download and installation part of Internet Download Manager, which is simple and straightforward.
    Once the installation of IDM is done, we just have to start the web browser and the real journey begins.

    IDM Integration module

    To start using IDM in a web browser, here we see how IDM integrates it's add-on in web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
    • After starting Mozilla Firefox, IDM asks to install the IDM integration Add-on. We click on Allow this installation check box and click on Continue.


    • After that, we just have to click on Restart Firefox to restart the web browser and start using IDM.


    • In Google Chrome web browser, when we launch it after installing IDM, the IDM Integration Module asks to add the IDM extension (i.e add-on). We just have to click on Add extension.


    • After we click on Add extension, IDM integration module gets added to the Chrome web browser (as seen in the screenshot), and now we can start using IDM in Chrome browser, too.


    Downloading with IDM

    Now that the IDM add-on is integrated in our web browser and ready to use, let's see some simple demos on how to download a video, audio, or any file on the internet using IDM.

    Download a video with IDM
    • Simple as it can get, just play the video on YouTube (Or Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.) and


      i.e a Download with IDM panel would appear on top of the video. Just click on that to start downloading the video you love.



    • Now as you see in the 2nd screenshot (above), sometimes the video extension available to download is shown as .MKV and though it is of better and more optimized quality, we all like our favourite video format i.e .mp4 extension.
      So what I do is I just replace i.e edit .MKV to .mp4 and then download the video, and it works as shown in the screenshot below. So yep, no reason to complain whatsoever.



    Download an audio with IDM
    • Now, just like we go to video-sharing sites like YouTube for watching and as we saw above, downloading the videos we love. So, in the same manner, to listen to an audio, we, or at least I visit So let's see a demo on how to download an audio using Internet Download Manager.
    • First and as always the most simple step, play any audio on any website in your web browser.

      Search for song


      Select album / song


      Play song


    • A Download Audio panel would appear i.e [​IMG]


    • Click on that panel to start downloading the audio :)


    How IDM works?

    IDM is designed in such a way that new injections can be added directly from the interface, but more accustomed to simply allow it to intercept web links.

    Meaning: This means that every time you will click with the mouse on a file of a certain type (which can be determined by changing the settings), Internet Download Manager will load itself rather than to allow to do an online browser. Everything is fully automated: no switching from one application to another, "copy and paste", absolutely no fuss.

    Before we go to the conclusion part, here's a video for the regular IDM users who might always face this small problem. I show you how it can be fixed within and with the help of IDM itself.
    (Be sure to select 720p quality ;))


    What can I say.. IDM is all you need to manage your downloads and to do just every job related to downloads.
    The pros and cons are for you to decide.

    With this, I end my review.
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