IRC protocols vs Torrent Protocol

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    Hey guys, from AFAIK,
    Torrent protocol has lots of known vulnerabilities, DHT connects to random IPs connected via DHT, meanwhile DHT, UDP, trackers connect to seeders, leechers, but lots of times, malware servers, seed or leech, or just become a connected peer in torrents, attack/send damaged/corrupt malicious packets via MITM.

    Of course using Seedboxes is the best, safest way to download torrents, since Gigabit seedboxes download the actual torrent file which there's no telling if it's infected, stegnographed with malware or not, all of which are immune to seedboxes, finish small downloads very fast, then hit-and-run, stop seeding instant when finished to save own self-bought seedbox from uploading, wasting precious bandwidth, also since there are lot of other seeders, seedboxes make sure to seed it for long :D in public trackers, not private. Then transfer the downloads using a secure range random port, via HTTPS, SSL even going to as far as using no-log VPN to encrypt traffic, prevent any intervention, tampering, interception, manipulation, possible MITM, or malicious packets by ISP’s, any attackers, to local device/server via direct single server-to-endpeer connection, or FTP.

    Meanwhile some of the best things about DDL is you can increase connections to 16 for best performance, can download at maximum bandwidth available provided by ISP, secure private server-to-enduser DDL, that only ISP (if any can trace, but that too requires lot of effort if it's transferred over HTTPS/SSL) has option to preserve original timestamp.

    Meanwhile In IRC; DCC, XDCC, CTCP you register, verify a nick, connect to a channel that has a file server XDCC, CTCP bot, it's entirely direct to user) bot-to-user, can be hidden from main channel, directly send reqs, commands via PM to the concerned bot, IIRC currently well-reputated clients, channels now allow you to enforce only over HTTPS/SSL connections, but one thing is for some reason XDCC servers provide less transfer speed compared to Torrents, DDL, Downloaders like JD, IDM.

    So is there any way to increase no of connections, set transfer speed to maximum allowed by server & per maximum bandwidth in HexChat?