Is it ok to put more than one BIOS file in a USB for a BIOS Recovery procedure

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    Problem: BIOS recovery after failed BIOS update
    BIOS: Insyde
    Laptop: Toshiba Satellite L300D-01P (model no: PSLC8C)
    OS: Windows Vista

    I got a black screen after an failed BIOS update on Toshiba Satellite L300D-01P (model no: PSLC8C). I am in the process of recovering the BIOS by inserting a 2 GB USB formatted to FAT and using Windows 98 boot files with the HP Disk Storageformat tool. I have nothing copied onto the USB, but I have 3 BIOS files to choose from:

    from Toshiba Support website: PSAP180.fd
    modded PSAP180.fd from your BIOS mods thread: Satellite_L300D_L350D_PSLE8E_v180
    modded PS10A170.fd from your BIOS mods thread: Toshiba_Satellite_L300D_PSLCxx_1.70

    I am having trouble getting the broken laptop to boot from USB (ie. the usb drive ight does not light up to show it's working) after trying several different key combinations and programs and failing (my attempts are documented here:

    In summary, I tried Gparted to format the usb into a floppy drive, the wincrisis with phlash16 method. Now I want to attempt to use HP Disk format to modify the drive. But I don't know which of those 3 BIOS to use and what I should name them (Do I name them all BIOS.FD?!?)

    I considered using phoenix tool to make my own modded BIOS because I read in these forums that you can get the computer to boot from a USB instead of Windows by modifying an RW report, but I finding SLICs and RWeverything reports for my BIOS are confusing me. So I will try this if this HP method doesn't work for me.

    Thanks for your time.