Is it possible to bypass graphics check?

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    My motherboard is Asrock B75 Pro3-M. I wanted a server so I bought a Xeon E3-1230V2 CPU. Unfortunately, this CPU lacks GPU. I have an old graphics card, but its fan is noisy and it drew more power than the entire system does, even at idle state. So after installing an OS, I tried to remove the graphics card. Then my motherboard refused to boot (beeping 5 times, NO VGA CARD).

    I really do not need graphics output for my server, but probably engineers at Asrock thought they were doing some service for me by letting me know that there is no GPU...

    Can this graphics check somehow be bypassed? Otherwise I have to buy a low-end graphics card, which will cost money and consume unnecessary power.
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    Dec 29, 2010
    I doubt this would be an easy BIOS mod because they BIOS/UEFI are programmed for graphics output nowadays. I have seen some server BIOS (years ago) that let you send the BIOS display to the serial port. I think PC Engines WRAP & ALIX work this way. The other problem is the operating system. You'll need to make sure it can work without a video card.

    What I did is bought cheap passively cooled video cards for my servers. I then did a VBIOS mod to reduce the clock and memory speed to the lowest stable level. Only a few extra watts of heat added. No big deal

    BTW, ASROCK says:
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    pop in a cheap pci vga card.