Is it possible to do a System Recovery manually, without CD/DVD or function key???

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    Greetings. I have a 9 month old Averatec netbook with a dead battery. The manufacturer said that they will replace the battery if I return the unit to them. It came with XP installed, but I quickly replaced XP with Windows 7. With XP every time it booted up I had the option to press the F5 key to do a System Recovery and put the OS back to new condition. But, with 7 that option went away. I would like to do a System Recovery to install the original XP that came with it and do away with Windows 7 (until I get it back). The question is HOW? I was able to give the recovery partition a drive letter and view it with windows explorer. It has 7 folders ($RECYCLE.BIN, BOOT, EFI, IMAGEX, RCV, SOURCES, and System Volume Information) and 1 file (BOOTMGR). The System Volume looks empty and access to it is denied. I have searched google and this forum without much luck. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    This is how i have done it in the past for a inaccessible Acer Recovery partition :

    Create a WinPe cd (I used Microsoft Dart 6.5 as base iso) open it with UltraIso, PowerIso and/or similar and delete the boot.wim from it. Replace it with the boot.wim in the SOURCES folder on the recovery partition.

    Now you can try to burn and boot from it and recover XP from there, for me this approach worked once, the other time i had to edit PEShell.ini inside the boot.wim taken of the SOURCES folder on the recovery partition., details for this 2nd approach follow below.

    Mount the boot.wim using dism or if that doesn't work using gimagex (google) inside the /MOUNTPOINT/Windows/System32/ directory you should be able to find peshell.ini, open it and change the command so it doesn't launch the recovery program (remember what program is launched you will need it later) but instead launch a command prompt, save, unmount and commit changes... burn the disc. When booted the command prompt will launch, start diskpart, unhide the recovery partition, normally this can be done using these commands:

    >select disk 0
    >select partition 1
    >set id=07 override
    >assign letter M (can be any drive letter of your choice as long it isn't in use by other hardware/partitions)
    >active (sets this partition to the active partition)

    Next (using the still open command prompt) browse to the directory the original recovery program is located in and launch it, it should work as expected now.
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    Thanks, FreeStyler, for your very detailed reply. Don't know if that will work from a USB flash drive, but it may be worth a try. Just wish this dang thing were an i-phone. Then, there would be an app for this.