Is there a list of updates to omit from a fresh Win 7 x64 Install ?

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by tnx, May 19, 2018.

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    Sep 2, 2008
    Not done much messing with Win 7 for a while but bought myself a new Asus TUF Z20 board and decided to see if I can get my kaby Lake machine to run Win 7. Nowt to it really.

    So then I thought I may well make myself an up to date image. I like to do a fresh install, run Win Update and make a list of the specific updates for my machine then grab them via Microsoft Update catalogue.
    Which I have done.
    I do have a list of updates to avoid but this is a couple of years old now. Feel sure there will be more\ different updates to miss out installing.

    Is there such a list ?
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    Apr 2, 2018
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    Sep 2, 2008
    I have my updates. I downloaded via the Microsoft Update Catalogue.

    I have this list of updates not to integrate.
    Was wondering is this list still the same or are there some new ones.

    Right at this very minute i am actually adding ALL my downloaded updates just to see what the result will be and how big the install.wim will end up being.

    And what about the "Roll Up" updates. Are they to be avoided ?
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    What @tonto11 meant is that simplix excludes all telemetry updates in his provided ready to use updatepack.
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    Sep 2, 2008

    Opening my eyes i see

    Cheers guys..
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    Sep 2, 2008
    From that list i found four of the updates in the ones i downloaded.

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    Dec 30, 2016
    This thread was on the subject of Win7 and Kaby Lake, driver related issues-

    I have Asus Z270-K / i7 -6700k Skylake, zero driver issues Win7 or Win10 , but I don't know if you have been able to get your kaby Lake machine to run Win 7, might be good to read the above thread.

    And as suggested in post #3 the Simplix. :)
    good luck
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    Sep 2, 2008
    Getting Win 7 to install and run on my kaby Lake was no trouble really.
    At first I used the Asus EZ Installer tool.
    Now though I have the Intel USB3 drivers added to both indexes of the boot.wim. and nothing else.
    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate installs and runs smooth.
    The install.wim is one I integrated I.e 11 into and a newer update client. This was the latest one back in 2016, I have not looked to see f there was a latest version to integrate.

    Once installed Windows 7 does check for and does find a whole bunch of required updates.

    I manually made a list of these required updates and downloaded them from Microsoft Update Catalogue.

    Last night I made a new install.wim with all the .net updates, security and general updates omitting the ones from that list above. It got late and I could not be bothered to test it.
    Later on I will have time to put the wim file onto my USB and do a test install.

    As for the drivers I found the best route for me was to use the original Asus install disc which came with the board.

    I am messing really cause I have the board I wanted, Asus TUF Z280 mark 1.
    I have bought some cheap ddr4 2133 RAM and a cheap Celeron G3930 kaby Lake chip just so I can have this board up and running.
    Very soon at least 16gig of ram and an i7 chip will be in it.
    I am going to fund this by selling my Asus Sabertooth Z77 and i5 along with a second Asus Z77 board n chip combo plus I have an Abit IP35 rig to sell too.

    I just wanted to get this Z270 machine to run Win 7 so I could do the upgrade to Win 10 using the genuine ticket method.
    Which I have done and tested and this new board does now have a Win 10 digital licence.
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    My list of "bad updates" that I have been keeping for the last few years. It may or may not be complete, some may not even be offered any more,'s what I use for reference and has worked well for me.

    Edit: The way I got this is by having a fresh install of Windows 7 (several times over the years), doing the servicing stack update and the one 2016 Convenience Rollup (I have these 2 streamlined into my install DVD) I think that has the DiagTrack service that I remove later via command "sc delete DiagTrack". Then from there I googled every single update offered before ticking the box, deciding if it was good or bad and making this list with a brief note/reminder about the baddies. There a few others I skip/install that are more obvious when using Windows Update, like malicious software removal tool, remote desktop, .Net, AMD microcode driver, etc. updates. These are mainly just the ones that give no useful info in their discriptions "Install this to improve Windows blah blah blah, Translation: so we can spy on you and take total control of your personal property".

    Bad Updates:
    KB971033,  activation exploits
    KB2876229, skype
    KB2882822, replaced by KB3068708
    KB2952664, telemetry crap
    KB2970228, new Russian ruble symbol, breaks fonts
    KB2976978, Windows 10 update s**t for Win8
    KB2977759, telemetry crap
    KB2982791, causes crashes
    KB2990214, telemetry crap
    KB3004394, faulty update
    KB3018238, only applies to Windows Server 2008
    KB3021917, telemetry crap
    KB3022345, telemetry crap
    KB3035583, telemetry crap
    KB3050265, telemetry crap
    KB3065987, telemetry crap
    KB3068708, telemetry crap
    KB3075249, telemetry crap
    KB3075851, telemetry crap
    KB3080149, telemetry crap
    KB3081954, telemetry crap
    KB3083324, telemetry crap
    KB3083710, telemetry crap
    KB3097877, Causes crashes
    KB3102810, telemetry crap
    KB3107998, Lenovo fix to remove blocker
    KB3112336, More WIN10 s**t
    KB3112343, More WIN10 s**t + MS monitoring of win10 upgrade
    KB3121255, crash during backup of PI Data server fails
    KB3123862, Windows 10 update s**t
    KB3125574, Apr 2016 rollup with bad ones in it
    KB3133977, BitLocker can't encrypt the drive and the service crashes
    KB3135445, WIN7 update client to force WIN10
    KB3137061, Azure virtual machines network outage data corruption
    KB3138901, No Internet multiple users log on Remote Desktop Services
    KB3139923, MSI repair doesn't work after you install updates
    KB3147071, Connection to Oracle database fails. Causes browser lockups?
    KB3150513, telemetry crap
    KB3184143 removes the Get Windows 10 app
    KB3172605 July 2016 update rollup (re-released Sep 13 2016)
    KB3179573 August 2016 Rollup
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    Sep 2, 2008
    Cheers for that info..