Is work profile can protect user privacy?

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    Work profile

    is a separate area of an Android device for storing work apps and data. Work profiles provide platform-level separation of work apps and data, giving organizations full control of the data, apps, and security policies within a work profile.
    But here is interesting thing
    Do you guys remember island by oasis feng, insular and shelter?
    Those app is using work profile to "protect" your privacy

    The question are:
    Is work profile able to completely protect user privacy?

    Unfortunately no
    You can move all privacy hungry app in work profile but the thing is if you move required data like contact for example to work profile then all app inside work profile can read it.
    It's almost impossible to only allow specific app read specific data vice versa even that possible with app ops that's would be very annoying since you should change it permission manually one by one. And there is a lot of case why work profile are useless for privacy.

    Solution to user?
    1. Of course delete the work profile and it's associates apps
    2. Install one of following apps:
    - blackbox
    - virtualxposed
    - pararell space
    - other virtual environment apps

    All you need to do after installing VE apps is simply move the privacy hungry app to VE
    Any app on VE can't read any file outside VE even VE app have storage permission enabled and even good contained app cannot read your devices ID can protect your privacy from horsemen of annoyance

    1. Is possible to control how app can read your data and such?
    Allowing specific app only for example is possible with app ops but impossible for allowing app read only specific data without root
    The best shot is move to foss app that's doesn't even required sensitive data to use like fritter stealth and infinity for reddit

    2. Can you hide your ID from app in a work profile?
    Only IMEI by block read phone permission
    To hide android ID and such virtualization space or root is required

    3. Is work profile have no bugs or such?
    Unfortunately this also no the thing is different devices or vendor then different story as well
    So no one knows what bug are still exist

    4. Is work profile and VE able to protect you from online tracking?
    No unless you use firewall, go offline, using hardened app for privacy
    (VE app? Just block their internet permission but caveat is you only able to use offline based app)
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