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    This is a small executable utilizing the Windows Presentation Framework that will create data and bootable ISO files.

    ISOCreator uses C# code to call the COM IMAPI2 interface for file system image building and also opens a binary stream that writes a bootfile sector code to the ISO. This allows for bootable Windows Installation Media ISO creation without the need for 3rd party tools like oscdimg.

    When you open ISO Creator, select the media path that you wish to create into an ISO file:


    Once the ISO media path has been selected, the option to select where the ISO file will be saved will be available. Likewise, if the ISO Creator detects that the ISO media path contains Windows Installation Media, it will also display two radio buttons allowing you to select the type of bootcode used to create the Windows Installation ISO. It does this by checking what EFI bootfiles are available within the Windows Installation Media.


    Once the ISO file name and path has been selected, an optional field will be available where you can enter a label for the ISO file if you so choose:



    Then you can simply hit the 'Create' button and it will write the new ISO file:


    Once the ISO file has been written, ISO Creator will reset itself back to default:


    And now you have a new bootable ISO file:


    And that's all there is to it. Keep in mind that during the creation of the ISO, the ISO Creator itself can appear as if it is not responding, but that's because there is no output to show the progress of the ISO file creation.

    Also note that you can also use this to create regular data ISO files, too, not just bootable ISO files.

    You can download it here:!4rQgUCwI!TunUMMDev-rvdxWmobsvb7PXP-ovnCft4Csorl3Kl1M
    The archive password is: 'CreateYourISO' (without quotes)
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    Simple and portable fits me well.
    Thanks so much :)
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    Nice and simple tool:)

    I only get this when i select an extracted ISO folder:


    The no prompt option never shows.
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