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    After reading though some the forums, and absorbing a lot of info, let me get this straight.

    I have a Abit QuadGT mobo. First off, unless I'm doing something wrong, the bios mod in the forums doesn't seem to work. The flash utility says the part numbers do not match the bios file (or something to that effect). (Edit: Ok, after playing with the flashing a bit, now it tries to flash, but it gives me the error of "not a AWD bios file") But...if I use the ASUS SLIC modded bios found in the forums, and then do a clean install of Vista 64 with SP1, do I need to use the paradox activator with ASUS oem bios to activate, or is that included with the torrent you guys linked to?

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    Theres still much confusion as to if this is the final build or not though...I may hold off until im convinced
    *Edit: some of the comments claim it to be 6.0.6001.17028. Size is 723mb :-/[/QUOTE]