KeyKey - global keyboard language switcher for Windows 7

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What keyboard switching method do you like the most?

  1. Global, like in Windows 8 and KeyKey

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  2. On a per-app basis, like in stock Windows 7

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    Hello MyDigitalLife Forum members,
    Today, I have got some great news for you: I have just finished a new utility application for Windows 7: KeyKey. It allows you to switch the keyboard language globally, as in Windows 8, when pressing the Windows + Space key combination and by using its system tray icon. Alt + Shift and Ctrl + Shift switching between languages is also supported.

    I have attached the archive containing a beta release (1.0). In order to install it, follow these steps:
    1. Download and extract the contents of the archive.
    2. Run KeyKey.exe.
    3. Click the notification tray arrow to expand it, and then choose Customize.
    4. Find the KeyKey application in the list and choose Show icon and notifications.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Drag the KeyKey icon (it will have the current input language 2 letter short name as the icon) to the place you would like it to sit in the taskbar.
    To have it start automatically after a restart, simply place it in the Startup folder in the Start menu. ALso, you can hide the default language bar by right-clicking the taskbar, choosing Toolbars and then unchecking Language bar.

    You can press Windows + Space at any time to switch the input languages in the order shown in the app. A popup will help you figure out which language you will switch at. Or, click the notification tray icon and choose one of the languages in the list to use it. All the apps will be given the same keyboard language then.

    Please leave your feedback here and report bugs, if any. The application works on Windows 7 and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4. It may work on Windows XP or Windows Vista too, but the notification tray icon may spawn randomly in the notification tray, with no rule of its position. I will try to resolve bugs as fast as I can. This thread will be updated with every new version I have available.

    Oh, and to close the application, if needed, click its tray icon, and then click in the lower right corner of the popup.

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