KMS HOST VHD including 1 KMS Client VirtualBox generating N counts

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    1. Creat a Hyper-V KMS HOST VHD
    2. Run the KMS HOST VHD
    3. In the KMS HOST VHD, install VirtualBox
    4. Craet a VirtualBox Windows Client
    5. Arrange IP addresses for both VHDs that match your Windows System, and then execute the command from the VirtualBox Windows Client: slmgr /skms 192.168.1.XXX
    6. Shutdown both VirtualBox Windows Client and the KMS HOST VHD
    7. Attach the KMS HOST VHD
    8. Cut the VirtualBox Windows Client VHD and paste it somewhere, say DESKTOP
    9. Attach the VirtualBox Windows Client VHD
    10. Download N_Count_Generator.rar and copy the following two files to VirtualBox Windows Client VHD\windows\System32\

    11. Copy the script (act25.bat) to
    C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\
    12. Detatch the VirtualBox Windows Client VHD
    13. Cut the VirtualBox Windows Client VHD from DESKTOP and paste it back to the KMS HOST VHD
    14. Detatch the KMS HOST VHD
    15. Run the KMS HOST VHD and then the VirtualBox Windows Client VHD. In some minutes N Counts will be reached when the virtual client got activated. Now you can activate your own real Windows system.

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    Thank you and good luck.

    PS. The Product Key in the act25.bat (which is for Windows 7 Enterprise) must be replaced with your own.

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    Ok I eventually got it, was confused. The KMS Host is a VM on Hyper-V. The KMS Client is installed on VirtualBox inside the KMS Host VM
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