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Discussion in 'Windows XP / Older OS' started by dragonfire665, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Ok here is something weird. My girls lappy is acting up and i mean truely acting up. Since she update to IE8 her computer has come to a crawl which i unistalling but it still is, second whenever she gets into my sharing folder to transfer any files within my desktop it will truely say that it will take about 4hours just to transfer even a 400MB file, when i transfer same file to me 2nd desktop who is connected thru wireless, it will transfer pretty good. Now i have try other files and the same way and it can be either way, she gettin into my desktop or me gettin into her lappy. Now all settings are the same, we have the same Antivirus and Internet Security and all settings are the same.

    Now i kno blaming IE8 is somethin stupid but listen first, when i removed IE8 for somereason i could not open up Add/Remove Program on her lappy, i had to run 3 .dll files, regsver32, somethin like that, i dont have anythin in front of me to refresh my memory, but one of them which was a mshtml.dll (guessin to my best) kept tellin me that i could not start due to dllregisterserver entry point was not found. So i reinstalled IE7 and i was able to reopen Add/Remove Program, but now IE7 will not stay open, i will click on it, it will open and after 5 seconds it will automatically shut down so im using chrome.

    Now here is another issues that happened the same time, most CD or DVD place in the DVD-ROM will only keep runnin but not load. So we also try to install Microsoft Expression Studio 2 and it will just not go anywhere either way, thru goin in my desktop or thru the CD, it will not quite freeze but it will just not move on the progress bar, then ill click on cancel and it will cancel nearly instantly.

    Is a weird situation that i do not know how to fix, i tried already registry cleaner and did nothing, so any suggestions?
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    No problem . . .

    Hey Dragon, just do an image restore of her OS - you know, the one she made with Acronis. :D:D:cool: OK, I made my backup point once again.

    Seriously though, although it is not foolproof, I would first try System Restore. Secondly, I had a similar problem occur when I upgraded from 8 Beta. Just as you did, I uninstalled 8/rolled back to 7 then reinstalled 8 and all went well from that point on. But, for openers, I would try System Restore. If that does not work, and we assume that something became corrupted, you might try the System File Checker from RUN> sfc /scannow (have the install disc in the drive). May necessitate redoing Win Updates if successful.


    EDIT: about the CD/DVD: put any disc in the drive, then go to Disk Management via Admin Tools and see if Windows reports the DISC (not the dirve, per se: it will report the drive if it's connected); do the same via Explorer. At this point, I have no idea what may be going on (perhaps related to the IE install/rollback) and just want to see if Windows reports the name of the disc in Disk Management and the contents of the disc in Explorer.
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