Latest version of flas**t and insydeflash

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    Hey I was wondering if anyone knows what are latest versions of flas**t and insydeflash are. I've tried lots of diffrent versions of both the programs and keep getting told that my insyde h20 bios isn't supported.

    I've found versions on google that I haven't tried yet but the sites are in chinese and I can't read chinese.

    Are there any other programs that I could possibly use otherwise? I've tried uniflash.exe but it didn't work either.

    If anyone could try help me that'd be great thanks in advance.
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    the same here
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    Insyde FLAs**t Flas**t V1.5o IHISI V1.9.8
    USAGE:Flas**t filename [Option]
            -?, H             This flash utility help
            -AB               Check battery life percent(Only use when AC not plug
                              in and with -AC)
            -AC               Do not check AC plug in
            -ACB              Check AC plug in & battery percentage
            -ALL              Flash all
            -B                Flash PEI volume
            -BEEP             On flashing beep
            -BEEP:Frequency   On flashing beep with the frequency
            -BIOS             Flash BIOS region
            -C                Clear CMOS
            -CM:Filename      Flash Calpella Ignition ME with OEM rule
            -CMS:Filename     Flash Calpella Ignition ME without check version
            -CR               Read CMOS
            -CW               Write CMOS
            -DAM              Disable show the message of do not remove AC
            -DC               Disable comparsion in normal flash process
            -Desc             Flash DESC region
            -DI               Disable ID display
            -E:Offset(Hex), Size(Hex), Address(Hex)
                              Update fix size from file offset to physical address
            -ECP              Flash EC with percentage(by applicaion)
            -EC:String        Flash EC (by applicaion) and BIOS (by IHISI)
            -ECBP             Flash EC (by applicaion) with BIOS (by IHISI)
                              with percentage
            -ECC              Compare EC before flash
            -ECV              Verify EC after flash
            -EOB              Only flash BIOS when EC and bios are merge
                              in the same file
            -EV               Erase variable (ASCII)
            -EVG:GUID         Erase variable (ASCII) by user's GUID
            -FD               Flash DXE
            -FE               Flash EC
            -FILE:Filename    Before Flash to erase variable from file
            -FL               Flash logo
            -FM               Flash CPU Microcode
            -FN               Flash OEM NVS
            -FP               Flash password
            -FT:Value         Flash OEM special type
            -FV               Flash Variable
            -G                Save current BIOS to file (from IHISI)
            -GbE              Flash GbE region
            -GU:String        Compare GUID with current BIOS
            -IV               Show tool and bios support IHISI version
            -LF               Load Fd file by another floppy disk
            -LG:GUID          Input GUID(For vaiable access or other feature
                              which need to input GUID)
            -MC               Skip all platform model check
            -ME               Flash ME region
            -N                Do not reboot after flash
            -PBI:Type(Hex)    Flash BIOS protect region.
                              Type is the protected region type.
            -PDR              Flash platform data region region
            -PI               Dump BVDT protection MAP
            -PMCA:ModelName   Used to check Platform model name
            -PMCAF:FileName   Used to check Platform model name
            -PN               Flash non-SPI flash part
            -PQ               Query ROM protection MAP in current ROM
            -PR               Query region MAP in current ROM
            -PS               Flash SPI flash part
            -RB:Filename      Read variable (To a binary file)
            -RH               Read HDCP key
            -RV               Read variable
            -RT:Times,Delay   When SMI error, retry how many times and delay how
                              many milliseconds between each retry.
            -S                Shutdown after flash
            -SE:String        Compare serial number with current BIOS
            -U                Show confirm message
            -UU:String        Compare UUID with current BIOS
            -V                Verify file integrity
            -VRT:Times        When verify error, retry how many times
            -WB:Filename      Write variable (From a binary file)
            -WH:Filename      Write HDCP key
            -WU:String        Write variable (UNICODE)
            -WV:String        Write variable (ASCII)
            -X                Non-IHISI flash process
            -XH               Show the force help list
            -Z                Show the AP help list
    Insyde InsydeFlash 5.13
    InsydeFlash for Windows (Use IHISI)
    Version 5.13
    1. Update -nopause behavior for OEM.
    Version 5.12
    1. Add BatteryNotConnect, BatteryCapacityNotEnough in platform.ini.
    2. Support 16M bios in secure capsule flash mode.
    3. Update atp check behavior in WinPE.
    Version 5.11
    1. Fix can not get correct SMI port issue in VIA VX900 platform.
    2. Reduce memory usage of driver in non-secure flash mode.
    3. Revise OEM specific error message for profile update (-pbi:Type command).
    Version 5.10
    1. Support OEM specific error message for profile update (-pbi:Type command).
    2. Fix the region may not be protected when start address + size equal to 0x100000000 which overflow of DWORD size.
    Version 5.09
    1. Add Insyde Secure BIOS identify.
    2. Update message of running secure capsule flash fail(call 48h fail).
    Version 5.08
    1. Add conditional data check by bios (45h) feature. Enable/Disable flag is CheckByBios of [Bios_Version_Check] section in platform.ini.
    2. Add user define error message for conditional data check by bios feature. The message is defined in CheckByBiosErrorMessage of [Bios_Version_Check] section in platform.ini.
    3. Enlarge file size limitation of non-share EC size from 64KB to 256KB with single block write method.
    4. Modify the default value of Version in [Version] section from "00" to empty string. On main dialog, it will show "InsydeFlash V5.08" as default not "InsydeFlash V5.08.00".
    5. Add admin password check in flash protected region feature (with -pbi:Type) for OEM.
    6. Support specified size of flash rom. Such as 5M(1M+4M), 6M(2M+4M) flash rom.
    7. In secure flash mode add re-boot/shutdown function for WinPE.
    Version 5.07
    1. Update message string.
    2. Fix the issue that [Bios_Version_Check] flag=2 and BIOS allow same version to flash, when flash the same version it will show error message "Warning: cannot check BIOS version.".
    Version 5.06
    1. Add EC compare and verify feature. The settings in platform.ini [UpdateEC] section, EC_Compare, EC_Verify and EC_VerifyErrorRetry.
    2. Support passing multi project name to BIOS in CommonFlash feature for OEM.
    3. Fix Hook functions can't correctly work (include mouse, keyboard, power button, sleep button, lid closed) on Win7 environment
    4. Update iFDPacker to v2.2.0.0
    Version 5.05
    1. Update AP pass to BIOS structure in CommonFlash feature for OEM.
    2. Reduce initial time which cause by searching BVDT of on board BIOS.
    Version 5.04
    1. Support move private map feature.
    2. Disable Power button, Sleep button, and Lid closed function during flashing (controlled by DisableMouseAndKeyboardInput flag)
    3. Fix EC can't update issue when EC image size is bigger then 64KB.
    4. Fix that run iFdPacker.exe and click the Add button, "Encountered an improper argument" error message will occur
    Version 5.03
    1. Remove update logo feature.
    2. Add -forcetype, -forceit, -nopause for OEM menufacture mode.
    3. Add error message when protected region type not found with -pbi:Type.
    Version 5.02
    1. Update AtpTimerInfo.dll from v3.0.0.18 to v3.0.0.20, fix the load driver fail issue in Windows XP.
    2. Fix the issue that utility always shows the same version and won't flash when PermitFlashVersion is enabled and the value of SingleVersion is the same as on board BIOS version.
    3. Update iFDPacker to v2.1.8.0, fix single package won't ask for administrator privilege in x64 OS issue.
    4. Add profile flash support by command line "InsydeFlash profile.fv -pbi:Type". It can be used to update partial region base on protecting map.
    Version 5.01
    1. Fix -wb issue that writing variable from file didn't actually write the data
        (the data field of the variable is empty after using -wb parameter).
    2. Add to pass EC flash flag to BIOS by IHISI 19h.
    3. Fix the issue that flash utility didn't pop up warning message and do flash directly in DC mode on WinPE.
    4. Fix -forcetype not workable issue.
    Version 5.00
    1. Update AtpTimerInfo.dll, AtpTimerInfoX64.dll.
    2. Add return code for [CommonFlash] interface when there is an error occur in the interface.
    3. Fix to flash partial image will fail.
    4. If file name has "\/:*?"<>|",tool will change to "_" in BackupROM.
    5. Fix the issue that update same version ME will show an error message but the message end with some unreadable characters.
    6. Add multi ini support. It can support ini settings overwrite by adding ini file name in [MULTI_FD] section.
    7. Fix cannot show SMI error dialog.
    8. Update iFDPacker to v2.1.6.0.
    Version 4.04
    1.Support customize error message in [UpdateExtraData] section.
    2.Fix passing platform.ini to bios data error. 
    Version 4.03
    1.Add a command line parameter /noconfirm to disable confirm dialog. (This command must add as latest parameter.)
    2.Modify Silent flag to match "-s" silent mode.
    3.Update iFDPacker to v2.1.5.0. Fix v2.1.3.0 can't work in Windows 7 issue.
    Version 4.02
    1.Fix the issue that InsydeFlash settings in "Option" and "Browse FD File" buttons won't effect until next launch.
    2.Fix /cpf will load driver twice error.
    3.Modify iFDPacker to package FlsHook.exe and FlsHook.dll.
    Version 4.01
    1.Change sequence of id and size check function, and remove flag "Check_Before_ROM_Size".
    2.Add to check extra data image and pop error message.
    3.Fix cannot show confirm dialog in silent mode with "SilentWithDialog=2".
    4.Fix cannot check bios size when image with header.
    5.Add UI for silent mode normal flash process.
    6.Fix do not show error when cannot found match file in multi-fd feature.
    7.Fix the issue that AC power will be checked in UEFI flash when [CommonFlash] is removed.
    8.Fix cannot show date in confirm dialog.
    9.Support log status code to CMOS. The settings are in [Log_file] section with prefix CMOS_.
    10.Fix the issue that USB mouse can work when flashing VBIOS region.
    11.Fix will show <N/A> in new version edit.
    Version 4.00 
    1.Fix return code error issue when driver load fail. 
    2.Fix can't run EFI flash issue when [BIOSVersionFormat] BIOSVFEnable = 1. 
    Version 3.99 
    1.Modify warning message to "Do Not Remove the AC Power and Turn Off Computer During BIOS Flashing!" For OEM. 
    2.Modify definition of [Others] VerifyErrorRetry key from enable / disable retry to retry times. 
    3.Fix flash extra data with no data in image will error. 
    4.Fix show dialog with "DisableMouseAndKeyboardInput" will lock keyboard and mouse. 
    5.Don't check AC power in UEFI flash. 
    6.Allow same version flash in non-silent mode when [Bios_Version_Check] Flag = 1 for OEM behavior. 
    Version 3.98 
    1.Fix flash data size error in extra data feature. 
    2.Fix x64 common flash interface fail issue. 
    Version 3.97 
    1.Fix UEFI flash will get error data with non-share EC update. 
    2.Fix that cannot flash BIOS after Intel ME update. 
    3.Support password check by BIOS feature (IHISI 43h). 
    4.Support flash by BIOS check feature (IHISI 44h). 
    5.Add new return error code in [ReturnErrorCode]. 
    6.Fix 3D feature cannot flash VBIOS data. 
    Version 3.96 
    1.Support show IHISI version. 
    2.Modify "UpdateExtraData" feature to support 3D panel. 
    3.Fix Windows PE cannot shutdown and reboot. 
    4.Fix the issues cause by Unicode feature. 
    Version 3.95 
    1.Fix / ecp cannot get IHISI version from BIOS. 
    2.Modify to support flash EC only. 
    3.Extracting image size is incorrect for OEM feature. 
    4.Add a section [PermitFlashVersion] to support conditional process of BIOS update. 
    When a serial bios from old to new is version ABC, 
    the newest bios update package is version C, 
    and version C only can update from version B. 
    Then you can use this feature to warning user of version A on board to update to version B first. 
    5.Add EC_Path key of [UpdateEC] section to support update EC by inputed file path. 
    6.Fix bug: When CheckVersion = 2 and the ME FW is the same, it will close intel tool and doesn't continue to update BIOS. 
    7.Fix bug: Set Platform_Check flag = 1 and Bios_Version_Check flag = 1 to platform.ini, when bios version check is pass and platform ID is different, then WinFlash will flash the bios. 
    Version 3.94 
    1.Fix cannot flash DXE region when you set "DXE = 1" in 32 bit OS. 
    2.Fix flash in silent mode with not SilentWithDialog = 1 and ActionOverride = 1 will return error return code. 
    3.Add "/ECP" feature to flash non-share EC only. 
    4.Modify ATp feature. 
    5.Version check enhancement, add [BIOSVersionFormat] section in platfrom.ini. 
    6.Modify to flash ME before BIOS.
    Version 3.93 
    1.Fix "Reboot!" Dialog can't popup after flash in command silent mode if set "SilentWithDialog = 2, [FlashFlashComplete] Action = 2, Dialog = 1" 
    2.Fix will pop EC auto close dialog in silent mode with SilentWithDialog = 1. 
    3.Fix will not passing ini to BIOS when run OEM1 special flash rule. 
    4.Add "ForceIHISIVersion" in "Others" section.
    Version 3.92 
    1.Add "ActionOverride" flag. 
    Flash utility bases action key setting to do original behavior. 
    2.Fix / cpf cannot process issue. 
    3.Fix when flash extra data with "DisableMouseAndKeyboardInput = 1" will show error. 
    4.Add a section [PlatformVersion] in platform.ini. 
    When the Flag = 1 and platform check enabled, it will display the version string 
    list in this [PlatformVersion] section and use it to compare. 
    The Version is pair with the PlatformName. 
    For example: When the platform ID matches with PlatformName2, the Version2 will be used.
    Version 3.91 
    1.Add new action definition when EC update completely. 
    2.Fix cannot copy correct BIOS image with sign file to USB dongle in Window XP system.
    Version 3.90 
    1.Add 16M ROM support 
    2.Add feature to pass parameter setting in platform.ini to BIOS. 
    3.Fix incorrect dialog pop up that cause when AT-P function enable and bios update only. 
    4.Fix update non-share EC feature error.
    Version 3.87 
    1.Pure 64bits application support AT-p utility. 
    2.Added update extra data feature to update VBIOS.
    Version 3.80 
    1.Modify "CheckVersion". If set 2, tool will not show error and continue to flash when ME flash error is cause of same version and downgrade version. 
    2.Fixed flash only BIOS region with only BIOS region data will not show new version and check version. 
    3.Removed SMI error code in SMI error message. 
    4. Fixed flash bios failed with AT-p utility. 
    5.Fixed EC size error.
    Version 3.79 
    1.Added "ErrorRetryDelay" and "SMIErrorRetry" at section "Others" in "Pltform.ini". 
    2.Modify behavior of OEM special signed feature. 
    3.Added solution that tool cannot identify BIOS binary (single BIOS region) is ATp or non-ATp BIOS. 
    4.Fixed that finished updating single BIOS region cause fail with AT-P utility. 
    5.Fixed that execute tool casue fail on Windows XP.
    Version 3.78 
    1.Added Calpella ME feature. 
      MEFileName = 
      CheckVersion = 0 
    2.Added option "/ ecr" and "/ ecw" to access extend CMOS 
    3.Modified "UpdateME" to "UpdateOEMME" and run Calpella ME feature. 
    4.Modified behavior about ATp feature in tool. 
    5."BeforeRunToolDelayTime" will Delay before UI dispaly.
    Version 3.77
    1.Fixed get IHISI version error.
    2.Added "MPCIIO" in Multi-FD.
    You can input many "PCI" or "IO" to check, even if "PCI" and "IO". 
    If all of them match, tool will get this file to flash.
    Version 3.76
    1.Modify when flash EC, tool will check EC rom size before flash BIOS. This 
    is depended on IHISI version.
    When IHISI is newer than 1.8.6, it will check before BIOS flash.
    If not, it will check after BIOS flash.
    2.Fixed flash EC with BIOS will flash many times error.
    4.Added "DelayBeforeFlash" to delay before flash.
    5.Modify "BeforeFlashDelayTime" to "BeforeRunToolDelayTime".
    6.Added some messages and modified behavior about ATp feature in tool.
    8.Modify confirm message.
    Version 3.75 
    1.Fixed tool will send wrong EC size to BIOS with non-share EC. 
    2.Extended the EC buffer size to 2M. 
    3.Support OEM special request about check RSA check sign feature. 
    4.Skip check platform name and version feature will confirm BIOS. 
    5.Modify when flash EC, tool will check EC rom size before flash BIOS. 
    6.Add Platform data region access feature. 
    7.Add Platform_Check = 3 and Bios_Version_Check = 2 will get BIOS setting. 
    8.Modify default value of Platform_Check, Bios_Version_Check and ALL
    Version 3.74
    1.Modify main dialog logo and string font.
    2.Added tool and BIOS hand shaking feature.
    Tool send BIOS information that include tool and OS version by functoin 10h.
    Get the customer vendor ID in function 10h.
    Version 3.73
    1.Fixed to use /base /size option will hang.
    2.Fixed to erase variable by ini will hang.
    3.Fixed when setting "flag=2" in the section name "PlatformCheck" will get new name when current 
      platform name and new platform name are match.
    Version 3.72 
    1.Fixed tool will show "Winodws 7" when it can not load driver in Windows XP. 
    2.Fixed tool will wait when using silent mode with no AC plug in. 
    3.Fixed error message when binary file not with EC part in UpdateEC feature. 
    Change show "Error: File may not have ME rom" to "Error: File may not have EC rom". 
    4.Fixed platform check get ID fail, when updateEC flag = 2. 
    5.Add "/base:" and "/size:" to input base and size when use "/g" to read BIOS. 
    6.Modify Silent mode behavier: 
    When SilentWithDialog = 0, Not show any dialog. 
    When SilentWithDialog = 1, Show main dialog only. 
    When SilentWithDialog = 2, Show all dialogs without main dialog. 
    7.When SilentWithDialog = 1 and run in silent mode, tool will check same version and not flash. (This Silent mode is mean use "-s" in command line)
    Version 3.71 
    1.Add "/lg:" to input the GUID. 
    Version 3.70 
    1.Fixed the situation that tool will hang in XP on some platforms. 
    Version 3.69 
    1.Modify Me flash feature. 
    Support separate ME binary, and two type of Me: 
    1.FULL SKU. 
    2.Ignition SKU. 
    Version 3.67 
    1.Add "/cr" and "/cw" to access CMOS in console mode. 
    2.Fixed some error word in status message when option flag set. 
    Version 3.66 
    1.Add flash Me feature. 
    2.Fixed message from "If you are running this utility in Vista" to "If you are 
    running this utility in Windows 7 "for Windows 7 system. 
    Version 3.65 
    1.Do not show dialog with "-s". 
    2.Fixed the problem can not get the return code. 
    3.Add flag "SilentWithDialog". 
    Version 3.64 
    1.Modify the EC shutdown and reboot to get the "Action" in "FlashComplete". 
    2.Change "flag" in "Platform_Check". If flag = 1 compare new rom platform name 
    and current platform, else if flag = 2 get the below names to compare. 
    Version 3.63 
    1.Add "Progress_Bar" in ini file: Flash EC with draw progress bar. 
    Version 3.62 
    1.Add "BIOS_Only" in ini file: Only flash BIOS when EC and bios are merge in the same file. 
    Version 3.61 
    1.Before update EC after flash bios show dialog, change status and add flag 
    "EC_Dialog = 0" in ini file. 
    2.Fixed when tool flash on Capella, the SMI will fail sometimes. 
    Version 3.60 
    1.Expand EC buffer to 0x100000. 
    Version 3.59 
    1.Fixed can not flash when rom file with platform region. 
    Version 3.58 
    1.Fix the tool cound not run in UEFI OS (GPT format). 
    Version 3.57 
    1.8M support. 
    2.Fixed the error message when you flash same bios. 
    3.Fixed UpdateBlock feature about coundn't flash 
    if physical address small than 0xFFF00000. 
    4.Fixed the processbar action problem, sometimes cound not process. 
    Version 3.56 
    1.Fix BVDT Protect when the move region size smaller than 0x1000. 
    Version 3.55 
    1.Fix BVDT protect function. 
    Version 3.54 
    1.Fix some bug and some dialog string. 
    2.Modify backup rules. 
    Flag = 0 
    FilePath = 
    FileName = 
    Flag 1 -> Backup current BIOS and new BIOS binary 
    FilePath -> If user does not enter the file path, utility will use current directory. 
    FileName -> If user does not enter the file name, utility will use platform ID. = Current BIOS image = Previous BIOS image = New BIOS image 
    Version 3.53 
    1.Fix a bug in FlashTester. 
    Counter is not correct. 
    2.Add mew BVDT protect function 
    3.Modify "Error: No FD match in INI settings." To "It is not for your notebook." 
    Version 3.52 
    1. Add new key in INI setting 
    The "Disable read" function in DOS Flas**t will skip "Compare" and "Verify" steps. 
    In INI file, "DisableCompare" only skip "Compare" step. 
    However, some OEM / ODM projects can not read binary from flash part. 
    Windows version add "DisableVerify" key in INI, It will disable "Verify" step if this key is 1. 
    2. Add BIOS binary selection in INI file. 
    Flag = 1 
    FD # 01 = PCI, 0,1 F, 2,80,7006,7007,9. Fd 
    FD # 02 = PCI, 2,0,0,4,100006,100007,7. Fd 
    FD # 03 = PCI, 2,0,0,18,0 c, 0e, 9.fd 
    FD # 04 = PCI, 0,1 f, 0,0,0015808 F, 2815808F, 8.fd 
    FD # 05 = IO, C0, 5AABFE02, 5AABFE02, 9.fd 
    FD # 06 = IO, 1F6, E7, E4, 7.fd 
    FD # 07 = IO, C0, fe03, fe03, 7.fd 
    FD # 08 = IO, C0, 03,01,7. Fd 
    FD # 09 = PCI, 2,0,0,0,813,812,9. Fd 
    Flag 1 -> Multi-FD mode, 0 -> normal mode 
    FD # XX support 99 files FD # 01 ~ FD # 99 
    FD # XX = IO Type, Offset, Mask, Value, File name 
    FD # XX = PCI Type, Bus, Device, Function, Offset, Mask, Value, File name 
    Type -> Support IO space and PCI address type 
    Offset -> Offset (HEX) 
    Mask -> IO type support BYTE, WORD, DWORD (HEX). For example, BYTE -> 03, WORD -> 0A01, DWORD 100400D3 
    -> PCI type support DWORD only 
    File name -> File name of FD 
    If [Offset] & Mask == Value, then flash the following file. 
    3. Support Windows PE 2.0 x64 version 
    User must run InsydeFlashx64.exe in x64 PE. 
    The user can make pure x64 InsydeFlash in FD Packer. 
    4. Support FD argument 
    For example: Run InsydeFlash.exe xxx.fd 
    It will skip MULTI_FD in INI and auto-searching FD. 
    5. Support / g argument 
    For example: Run InsydeFlash.exe xxx.fd / g 
    Just like DOS version, user can read current ROM to a file. 
    6. Verify regions (descriptor mode) in ROM file. 
    Version 3.48 
    1.When user enable UAC in Vista, the user need to "Run as administrator" with InsydeFlash. 
    Now, InsydeFlash will notice Vista. Vista will pop up message box. 
    2.Fix unstable place when InsydeFlash is initializing. 
    Version 3.47 
    1. Change InsydeFlash behavior. 
    OLD: Even AC flag is 1, AC adapter does not plugged but battery life percent is fine. InsydeFlash allow flash process. 
    NEW: If AC flag is 1, AC adapter should be plugged. 
    Version 3.46 
    1.Fix a battery detection bug. 
    InsydeFlash will get current battery life percent value from OS and compare 
    with value in platform.ini 
    BatteryCheck = 1 
    BatteryBound = 20 
    Also, if battery life percent is not enough, it will display the value in message box. 
    Version 3.45 
    1.In platform.ini, InsydeFlash add more keys for model checking process. 
    For example, ODM may have one BIOS for different model. 
    They need to use different ID in different model. 
    There are two kinds of solutions. 
    First, user add ID list in ini file. User set Flag to 2. 
    flag = 2 
    PlatformName = AAA1 
    PlatformName2 = AAA2 
    PlatformName3 = AAA3 
    PlatformName4 = AAA4 
    PlatformName5 = AAA5 
    PlatformName6 = AAA6 
    PlatformName7 = 
    PlatformName8 = 
    PlatformName9 = 
    Second, ODM reports all IDs in one string at IHISI function 11h and BVDT. 
    For example, the string will be like "AAA1AAA2AAA3AAA4AAA5AAA6" 
    Also, some share ROM model need check EC's id, ODM can combine the ID with this string. 
    2.iFdPacker version 2.0.5 
    The single execution file's icon change to official Insyde icon. 
    Version 3.44 
    1. Platform.ini add [VARIABLE] to erase variable 
    Version 3.43 
    1. Fix flash after platform can not boot to OS 
    Version 3.42 
    1. Confirm dialog always on top 
    Version 3.41 
    1.Fix fail issue that user press start button
    Version 3.40
    1.Add a GET FD file button.
    Version 3.39
    1.Add a wrong mesage box.
    Version 3.38
    1.Add when error message occur , unlock keyboard and mouse
    2.Fix PlatformName by ini display error
    Version 3.37
    1.fix "Alone Flash Region binary file" function can not flash EC.
    2.fix "Alone Flash Region binary file" function flash protect area issue.
    Version 3.36
    1.fix "Alone Flash Region binary file" function issue
    Version 3.35
    1.Add "Alone Flash Region binary file" function
    2.Modify "write HDCP key" function read file rule
    Version 3.34
    1.Remove program window (X) button.(Beta1)
    2.Add Retry checking AC power function.(Beta1)
    3.Modify some wrong message.(Beta2)
    4.Add on flashing playing wav file.(Beta3) IHISI function 19h(Beta4)
    6.Lock all input without system key("CTRL+ALT+DEL")(Beta5)
    7.Add check platform name by .INI function(Beta6)
    8.Add return code set by .INI(Beta6)
    9.Add a new argument(/WH) for "write HDCP key function"(Beta7) IHISI 1.7.4(OEM/ODM customization-2)(Beta8)
    Version 3.33
    1.Fix driver bug.
    2.Add /EV arguments
    Version 3.32
    1.Add Disable read compare by IHISI(function 11h)
    2.Add new Variable(SLP2M & SLP2P)
    3.Add support IHISI spec 1.7.1 new feature
    4.Add Disable model name & Version display by IHISI(function 11h)
    Version 3.31
    1.Add Display Wrong message on Dialog "Do not turn off your computer"
    Version 3.30
    1.Support R3.5 code base for "patch logo function"
    Version 3.29
    1.Add Region map arguments(BIOS¡BGbE¡BME¡BDESC)
    Version 3.28
    1.Add DLL_AP_FlashComplete function
    2.Add ICL50_M005_TURN_OFF_DTS
    4.Add AP_Read_Memory_Buffer
    Version 3.27
    1.Add error code configuration.
    2.Add silent style in console mode (-s).
    Version 3.26
    1.Add application flash (64bit)
    Version 3.25
    1.Fix 64bit driver bug.
    Version 3.24
    1.Add application flash (32bit)
    Version 3.23
    1.Fix driver bug.
    2.Add retry function.
    3.Add read compare switch.
    Version 3.22
    1.Add error return code.
    2.Support binary variable access.
    Version 3.21
    1.Add /C arguments
    Version 3.20
    1.Add UI configurations.
    Version 3.19
    1.Dynamic find IHISI main function number.
    2.Add UI configurations.
    Version 3.18
    1.Add BVDT.
    2.Add ID display.
    Version 3.17
    1.Fix buffer overflow bug.
    Version 3.16
    1.Modify iFdPacker function.
    Version 3.15
    1.Add /1 /2 /4 /8 arguments.
    Version 3.14
    1.Add command line argument for iFdPacker.
    2.Add FV ID protection.
    Version 3.13
    1.Support BIOS IHISI 1.6.2
    2.Add log file argument.
    Version 3.12
    1.Add command line arguments
    Version 3.11
    1.Fix UI block problem
    Version 3.10
    1.Add silent mode
    2.Add tool: InsydeFdPacker
    Version 3.06
    1.Add a key in INI for turn on/off end dialog.
    2.Fix file not found bug
    Version 3.05
    1.Support BIOS IHISI 1.5.8
    2.Add FV update mode
    Version 3.04
    1.Support BIOS IHISI 1.5.7
    Version 3.03
    1.Support BIOS IHISI 1.5.6
    Version 3.02
    1.Supprt BIOS IHISI 1.5.5
    2.Utility can covert logo image.
    Insyde InsydeFlash 4.19 (Oct 2011)
  4. mat9v

    mat9v MDL Novice

    Jun 23, 2008
    Yes, any hope for a download link? Google is very uncooperative in my search....