Lenovo B51-80 Bios Needed (TPM option only on some configurations)

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    Hi All,

    I work for a Charity

    We have over 10 Lenovo Laptops that are B51-80 that came with 1TB HDD's and Windows 10 Home stock.

    We also have 1 Lenovo Laptop that is B51-80 and came with a 128GB SSD and Windows 7 Professional...

    The problem is the one that came with Win 7 does not have options in it's bios for enabling TPM (Trusted Platform Module) used with Bitlocker to encrypt drive without needing a USB key. This makes the Windows 7 system useless to our organization.

    NOTE: that all systems are running Windows 7 Enterprise (With Hotfix for TPM2.0 Support) now anyway... and only the ones that came with Win 10 work with TPM and have the options in the bios. The other one doesn't have a TPM setting in the BIOS.

    The bios is InsydeH2O EFI Rev5.0 so i can't seem to extract it from a Win 10 system and write it to the Win 7 machine.

    Lenovo support simply replied with "There is no bios to be able to send you for your specific unit." which doesn't really make sense since obviously the BIOS exists as it's on the system already.

    TL;DR: So i need a BIOS for the B51-80 that supports Trusted Platform Module. We have it on the Win 10 configuration systems but can't get it on to the win 7 system despite being same model as am unable to extract from existing machine and it isn't available on the internet, Is any one able tell me how to extract the bios? i work as a IT Technician so being tech savvy isn't a problem.
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    first identify mobo by part number B51-80 type ?####

    and then specs might show if you can just make a backup copy of other with TPM and flash it on no tpm via hardware programmer (make backup.bin of your original first!

    Ch341A+ SOP8 test clip on ebay north america location.. fast shipping

    then remark the serial number with the lenovo SLP marker tool if any.. usually in DOS downloads