Lenovo Ideapad 700-15ISK SN and MTM write

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    Hello guys!
    MB was replaced in warranty for this NB, but after MB change SN and MTM numbers in BIOS are shown as INVALID. Repair center told me they do not know how to program/write those fields for this model, so I decided to try myself to do it.
    I downloaded latest BIOS for this model E5CN61WW. Inside the BIOS there is tool WinFlash64.exe and I believe it can be used for programming SN and MTM fields in BIOS. In att. you can see list of commands from this tool. I tried several things, but none resulted in writing mentioned fields. Can you help me and point me in the right direction? Thanks!
    P.S. This is cmd line for upgrading BIOS: WinFlash64 /file E5CN61WW.cap /cvar /bbl /bcp /sd /sn /silent /cac /cbp 30 /shutdown
    This is MTM: 80RU00LMYA

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    In general the approach would be to use a hex editor fo find the presently existing SN and MTM numbers
    then to change them to the desired numbers
    then to adjust the checksum at the end of the bios
    so that it recognizes the changed values of SN and MTM
    used to do that on satTV firmware, back in the day

    The program should enable you to do that with a nice (gui maybe?) interface
    since it doesn't seem to be write enabled there must be a switch somewhere
    looking ar the program itself with the hex editor sometimes reveals more
    than is hidden from the help file.