Lenovo Thinkpad L520 Laptop bios configuration after hardware change

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  1. Mandy

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    Oct 15, 2010
    Sorry I hope it is right to post this here? I Need help with what looks like a bad bios configuration.
    After a different language keyboard change, Lenovo Thinkpad L520 Laptop powers on and works well even restarts from windows but after shutdown the Power button cannot start the laptop until CMOS battery is pulled off and reinserted then the Power button work and with bios date & time set and default then laptop work well again till shutdown then power button cannot power it on till CMOS cleared again.

    Many thanks

    Lenovo Thinkpad
    7859 6BG
    Bios Version 8GET38WW (1.15) upated to 8GET44WW (1.21)
  2. Mandy

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    Oct 15, 2010
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    Thanks to all who read my post on the L520. I have got it done and the ThinkPad is working okay now.
    I stripped the ThinkPad drained any excess charge and put it back together checking all cables intact with no exposure for any short circuit
    Downgraded the bios to earliest version flashed it without the battery using a USB drive and the /forceit /nvram command
    Loaded the default bios setting and booted to windows and turned it off booted it again and the ThinkPad started normally. I have now upgraded to the latest bios and it is fine

    Many thanks
  3. mjs777uk

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    Oct 8, 2014

    I know this is a super old post.

    But I am having the same issue with my Lenovo L520.

    It will only power on with the CMOS battery disconnect.

    I upgraded to the latest bios version with no success.

    I couldn't find an earlier bios version to download on the internet.

    I could strip the laptop down if you think that would help discharge the laptop.

    Any help would be appreciated.