Lenovo Y70-70 Bios help needed

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by Edinorog, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. Edinorog

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    Jun 25, 2015
    Dear Pros,
    I currently own a Lenovo Y70-70 Touch gaming laptop, that apparently died after BIOS upgrade.

    The POST symptoms are: blank screen, back-lit keyboard and running vents only.

    So far I've tried the emergency recovery as follows:
    1. Downloaded the official BIOS file from Lenovo website
    2. Unpacked the .exe
    3. Located the ZIVY2201.rom file
    4. Used the phoenixtool259 to identify the filename it should eventually be called
    5. Renamed ZIVY2201.rom to ZIVY2.bin as suggested by phoenixtool.
    6. Fat16-formatted a 4Gb flash drive
    7. Dropped the ZIVY2.bin to the root of the flash
    8. Disconnected the battery, charger, even the BIOS small backup watch battery
    9. Inserted the flash drive, pressed FN+R (tried FN+B as well), kept holding + pressed power
    10. The laptop powers on with vents at full speed, yes the flash is blinking, hopefully reading something nd the HDD indicator is also blinking from time to time. After 8-10 min it all powers down.
    11. Once I reconnect everything back and power on the laptop I get the same symptoms as what I started with.

    Could you guys share some ideas here?
    If anyone has had any experience with Y50-70, this would probable be valid as well. I believe these models are basically the same.
    Thanks a mil in advance! I'm really desperate here.