Limited space in Outlook 2010 Professional Plus

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    Imminent problem is that Mail server is not allowing much space for e-mails and all received messaging disappears each day as the space fills up very quickly.Prior to installing new Outlook 2010 Professional Plus with new OS and out-of-the-box new SSD, the old system disc crashed due to M$ overriding my commands to not upgrade to W10 Pro (unchecking ALL W10 related updates in WU!) including Outlook 2007 Enterprise Suite that kept all my e-mails since 2002 :furious: :furious: :furious: :furious:.
    So, my IP and Mail provider has informed me that space is very low at server and advises me to send the e-mails from server to a different place for storage or to keep locally.(The latter alternative is taking a lot of space on SSD so sending e-mails to external HDD or to cloud for storage; free at absolutely no cost is a better choice).Obviously the IP provider did not help me with the practical part in Outlook 2010 because he informed me immediately that no support for this software is available (but for Outlook 2007 Enterprise Suite is available).:boxing: what an a hole, just like support at :rifle: M$!!!!
    Are there some souls here that have the necessary knowledge for the needed help?
    M$ recommends to use IMAP protocol; good for modern cellular phones, tablets, laptops, WiFi enabled computer hardware, … .
    Personal knowledge from past; pop 3 protocol stored e-mails on HDD.
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    My wife has that version on her old Toshiba Qosmio and it worked perfectly under Windows 7 for several years and has continued to do so under Windows 10. But that is not to say others don't have problems.

    From the way you described your problem, it sounds like your ISP is just not capable of carrying their traffic and have to flush their system periodically. They did, after all, tell you space was very low. That would seem like a very strong clue to me as to what your root problem is. If they're advising you to use alternate storage there must be a serious problem on their end. They pretty much stated exactly that.

    Are you leaving all your emails on the server? Every installation of Outlook I've ever installed from Office 97 through office 2010 I set up to leave no messages on the server. Even when we were offline, our emails were still available. We couldn't send or receive but that was understood.

    Good hard drives are dirt cheap. I just recently bought a LaCie 2TB external HDD for $114USB. Get one of your choice and store emails locally. The cheapest way is just the cheapest way. Many times cheap is not best and I'd venture to say you need to buy some safe and reliable local storage of some kind or go with a trusted cloud vendor. I use local storage only, but that's just me.

    If your problem is attachments then you need to save the attachments to alternate disk or cloud somewhere. That will prevent your ISP from trashing them.