Linux on iBook G4 - Remove bootloader and Xubuntu without CD / USB

Discussion in 'Linux' started by itsmemario1, Feb 29, 2016.

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    I got a Xubuntu installation on a ibook G4 here.

    Booting from CD and USB (open firmware and yaboot) wont work. Original OSX DVD says "Label error blah".
    And I can only boot it via yaboot. Pressing "C" will throw me to yaboot and using boot from cd at the xubuntu bootstrap will only boot xubuntu itself.

    I am at busybox now, as nothing else is on the HDD. Which whould be the easiest way to fully delete xubuntu (remnants) and the bootloader, so I will have the original MacOS Bootloader running on reboot again, so I can finally boot from DVD ?

    Already did NVRAM/PRAM Reset.

    Now I get the "Flashing Questionmark Folder" :S

    Still booting from CD not possible. Even with Alt Key pressed, neither HDD nor CD show up.

    Open Firmware when using "boot cd" says "LOAD-SIZE" is too small.
    No matter what kind of bootable CD i put in.
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