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    Hi Firstly I'd luke to say what a great board this is. I was wondering if someone could direct me to some good tutorials on moddifying the bios slp keys and converting xp to oem. I have a vaugue idea on what is required but would luke to read a comprehensive tutorial which could take a n00b like myself through the whole procedure. I'm a competent user, and work in IT so it doesn't need to be an idiots guide.

    Thanks guys and keep up the good work!!
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    If you need to modify the bios, you should just modify it to be HP bios using the iso you can download from this thread: http://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/6351

    If you are just trying to make sure the bios contains the proper string, that iso will also let you read what is in the bios that can tell you what slp you need to use.

    Do you have a copy of XP that is OEM? Like a Dell xp disk? Use nlite to configure it to install what you want, or you can create the files nlite creates yourself. After you have gone through the first part of the nlite process, slipstreamed hotfixes or service packs into the install, added drivers, etc, it will let you edit the "unattended" options, and you can type in your SLP key there. Your slp key is listed in the slp keys thread for whatever manufacturer you need: http://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/2602 . Then when you've completed those options and selected the tweaks and such that you want to apply, it will compile the stuff you just did into an install and bring you to a menu that says "Bootable iso" where you can tell it to burn what you have created to disc or you can create an image to store on your hd to make multiple burns of. At this point you will want to click the "explore" button on that same menu, and copy the oembios files of your manufacturer over the ones in the displayed i386 folder. Then burn it and run it.

    You can get the oembios files easily, there are rapidshare/megaupload links in another thread ( http://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/2127 ) and a couple of repositories you can get them from, or if you are re-installing an oem system that was preactivated you can copy them from your hard drive. If they are not compressed already you will need to prepare them by going to the command prompt and typing:
    makecab oembios.bin
    makecab oembios.sig
    makecab oembios.dat
    makecab oembios.cat

    it will compress them into files with a _ replacing the last letter of the file extension name, at which point they are ready to copy over the files in the "nlited" i386 folder.

    The resulting install will be automatically activated because the key and oembios files check the bios.

    If I am doing a re-install, I use a program called driver genius to backup the drivers into a single folder, and then with nlite I can select that folder to easily add all the drivers at once.
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    Thanks for the info. My aims are to convert xp pro 2002 retail to oe
    inorder to install on my samsung nc10. Secondly I would like to ammend my kids computers
    bios slp keys (msi and shuttle pcs) then create oem xp mce 2005 discs so that they both validate with Microsoft in order to get updates
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