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    Dec 20, 2008
    Hi all
    I've finally completed an application for Windows Media Center. Primarily aimed at Windows 7 but now supports Windows 8 7989, on both x86 and x64 platforms.

    I am looking for testers, all testers who provide useful feedback will get the full registered product. If you would like to participate just say yes and you'll be added to the list. This will be limited to a maximum of 20 testers, and those chosen will be notified by PM.

    This is not only aimed at Windows 8 testers are also required for Windows 7.

    Note. At the moment only for use in the UK or BSKYB users.

    Its functions are:

    MCE Backups
    Backup Recording schedules.
    Backup Lineups.
    Backup Subscriptions.

    MCE Guide
    Built-in Digiguide xmltv grabber. *Digiguide Subscription Required* *Also tested with XMLTV GUI V3*
    Built-in xml-mxf converter and mxf loader.
    Guide logos.
    Series Artwork.
    Full support for Episode and Season info and TV/Movie ratings.
    TV guide category colour codes.

    MCE Channel Editor
    Edit channel names.
    Edit channel numbers.
    Enable/Disable inband data.
    Enable/Disable channels.
    Restore default.

    Toolbox Items
    Add or remove windows features.
    System restore.
    MCE recovery.
    Toggle hidden files.
    Device manager.
    System restart.
    Fix MCE Menu's.
    Image updater for logos and artwork.
    Program updater.
    Schedule all tasks.

    More features will be added in later builds.

    Here's some screen shots taken from Windows 8 7989.

    channeledit.jpg guide.jpg home.jpg logo.jpg task.jpg

    Happy coding.