Lost my UEFI boot manager

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    I have a Lenovo laptop that came with Windows 8 pre-installed. I decided I want to dual boot with XUbuntu.

    I shrank my partition and left space for the linux distro.
    I installed xubuntu into the free space, and even set the bootloader installation to be in that partition as well.

    Then after installation, I only get the GRUB bootloader. I fluff about with guides to get Windows 8 back and I finally be able to boot into either OS.

    However, I have lost the blue UEFI boot manager that Windows 8 should display.

    So I get EasyBCD on Windows, try lots of options to regain an original boot manager. But instead of the typical blue UEFI screen, it created a black screen with my boot options (and the linux option doesn't boot from there).

    So to summarise, my boot sequence is like this:
    Switch on laptop
    See GRUB, with default pointing to Windows. I am able to boot to linux from here.
    Click Windows and then see Windows Boot Manager (black) with Windows and Linux
    Click Windows and it boots. Click linux and get an error.

    Can anyone point where I might have gone wrong?

    I have secure boot enabled, and I installed xubuntu in secure boot mode.

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    Inside Win8 it SHOULD be as simple as running the command to get the blue menu back:
    bcdedit /set {current} bootmenupolicy standard

    If you do not see the Blue Win8 menu after that command, i'm 99% sure it's EasyBCDs fault and i forget how to fix it without a startup repair. EasyBCD doesn't really have support for the Win8 style menu.