ltsb errors and missing files and other request Paul x-files

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    Missing Paul X-files. I presume the Paul X-files are avail although thread appears closed.

    See below for various errors in your magnet links.

    Add the missing isos the ltsb list for:
    File Name:
    File Name: pp_windows_10_enterprise_2015_ltsb_x86_dvd_????.iso Add magnet links for the v1511 LTSB files please.

    Delete the following files from the ltsb since they don't belong in this list:
    File Name: ru_windows_10_education_x64_dvd_6848181.iso

    File Name: ru_windows_10_enterprise_x64_dvd_6851354.iso

    File Name: sk_windows_10_enterprise_x64_dvd_6851394.iso

    Add v1511 education N files to magnet list

    Can you add the Language pack MUI isos for both the home/pro and the Volume License since
    they are different isos from what I understand?

    In any of the lists, can the N files be separted from the non-N list so if one doesn't want
    one or the other, they won't come down as part of the download?

    Since your website sticky is closed for further comment, does this mean you've stopped supplying
    the magnets?