Macrium reflect usb booting error

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by Kumaranil_1918, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Mar 18, 2012
    I tried with my usb drive.It came as follows.I couldnot take screen shots so i'm explaining the steps dat came in the blue screen wizard.Pls help me.
    Wen i opened ithe rescue.iso during booting from pendrive,a window opened As
    1.Restore Wizard V5.0.4286.
    2.Press next to continue.I pressed next,den
    3.It said to locate the image.It showed two portions.In upper portion i selected the C drive image file wich i had stored in another drive.In the lower portion it showed my C drive(type:NTFS) and the disk space as 29.491GB.
    5.Select partition in lower section
    6.I selected C(type:primary)
    8.Choose the target disk(Select a disk to be used as the restore target)
    10.Select the drive from the following to start restoring.
    But i could not see any drive there.It was fully white with no drive to select in it.Den wen i pressed next it said Please select the drive to restore or Select the target drive.But i did not find any drive in it.It was totally blank white screen.Pls help me wat to do.I'm not understanding y its not showing my C drive in it.