Making my own SLCI 2.1 Code for OEM W7 Home Preimum Acer/Gateway/NV5807U

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    I have a Gateway/Acer Notebook (Model NV5807U Phoenix BIOS) Which came with Windows Vista Home Premium (it has a SLIC 2.0 Table says Everest) I have a Windows 7 upgrade Disc that I got with the computer, as part of Gateway's/Microsoft's Free Upgrade Program as I bought the Computer Back in November 2009 Before Windows 7 was officially released and I want to make a 2.1 SLIC using my own license key (I don't want to use the Infamous Acer Key that is already out there I want to use my OWN key and license information) I reinstall alot so a SLIC code would help the activation issue and hopefully pass the new WAT test
    I know how to flash BIOS and I have done it on Notebooks before and I am confident that I can do it right I just need to know how to Use my OWN information in the SLIC 2.1 table

    I have read up on the subject and I just need to know how to extract the Windows 7 Home Premium License Information from the computer So I can add the information to to BIOS

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    Which part is difficult to understand?

    You get modded BIOS (or mod it yourself with any available bios.bin that you want - all are avialble here)
    You have a corresponding OEM certificate (xrm-ms) that you install you install with slmgr -ilc
    and then you install SLP key with slmgr -ipk


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    You can not use your own key, your own key is OEM:NONSLP (this is the key attached to to Windows 7 upgrade disc)
    For OEM activation to work you HAVE to use a OEM:SLP key

    Here is the list of requirements to meet the OEM activation spefication:
    1. Modded or Emulated SLIC 2.1 BIOS
    2. Matching OEM Certificate
    3. OEM:SLP Key for the SKU you are installing

    BIOS with SLIC 2.1
            → Cert that matches SLIC in BIOS
                            → SLP Licensing Mode unlocked
                                            → a OEM:SLP Key for the SKU you are installing
                                                            → Windows 7 Activated
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    I would suggest you pick the same OEMCreatorID as it has in your current 2.0 SLIC bios
    Look in everest what your current OEMCreatorID is set to.