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    Hey there,

    I don't have any other forum memberships, it's like you're my only friends :mushy:o_O
    Questions are of many kinds, but I'll ask them here.
    Any one person can't know all of this, just pick and reply to ones you know the answers to.

    I use a VPN client (A good, paid one).
    It has an option not to allow any traffic outside of VPN tunnel.
    It's firewall starts very very early when windows starts and doesn't allow other programs to connect to anything.
    It blocks not only HTTP, HTTPS, but also UDP, TCP any connection whatsoever.
    After using the web a little I check my 2 adapters in Network and Sharing Center.
    (There is 1 normal and 1 TAP adapter for the VPN to use)
    First (Normal adapter) shows higher Sent/Recieved Bytes than the Second (TAP) Adapter.
    Does it mean that I leak data with my real IP adress?

    1st adapter:
    2nd adapter:

    Can't post links/pics so make "-" a "dot."


    When I start Firefox, it makes hidden connection to some places (like checking for addon updates etc.)
    I disabled all of FF's update checks, but one connection I can't stop. (
    The thing is I blocked it's domain and IP in HOSTS file but it still connects there:

    Glasswire Screenshot:



    I installed Ubuntu and Linux Mint before(Couldn't get used to them, rolled back). While I was using Linux I must have deleted something from my External Hard Drive. Now there is a ".Trash-100" folder that CAN'T be deleted. Removing "Red Only" option from properties does not help.

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    Item 3:

    Boot from a linux live usb flash drive. Don't install linux, select the "try" option. You'll be able to delete anything you want. Trust me, it will be be gone when you boot windows again.
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    System isolation / Protection


    If you are this concerned about security, isolation and invasion, have you considered a budget "Internet Only" System? Of course be diligent with ALL downloads because even Jewels like the "Daz" Fix have been sabotaged! I mean what sick minds would do that?

    Seems to me you could carefully download the specific item(s) you want from sources you (may) trust. With your Internet connection totally OFF (includes your Wi-Fi cards/connection); carefully interrogate ALL of your downloads for purity (virus/trojans, etc). ASSURE your A/V is UP TO DATE first!

    IF you have saved "VITAL" files on your Internet System protect them all with Passwords! But check those files for contamination again and again because NEW infections are found EVERY DAY and new "virus updates" may detect virus missed with earlier scans!

    FORMAT a flash drive with your "protected system" so it has ZERO files on it BEFORE you use it. After scanning copy to the Flash and then copy to your "protected system" System(s)...

    After your transfer FORMAT your flash drive again with your "protected system" system(s). Also know this... even VIDEO CARD (Bios/Memory) can hide VIRUS or infections! One can format or even change drives as many times as you like, but until the virus/infection is purged from your Video Card, you WILL be infected again and again... Wicked ~ I know. I learned this lesson the very hard way.

    Of course "backups" are essential too and do them often! PASSWORDS to ALL your archives are vital as well!

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    You badly need a computer that’s permanently not connected to the internet. I’m sure you would sleep better at night with that.

    As for the one that’s connected, do what I do and have a “junk” surfing computer that's sacrificial.

    [FONT=&amp]Actually I no longer have the junk computer as most of my surfing is done on a Mac. But I’ve prepared my will and gotten my affairs in order as I’m certain the men in black will come to take me away any day now. Or the grays; doesn’t matter which[/FONT]