Mechanics behind Torrents and Bitcomet

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by SupremeSabre, Nov 17, 2010.

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    My guess is that it modifies your ratio to make it look like you uploaded more than you actually did, which is (to some, not me) ok to do on public trackers (such as The Pirate Bay) and it's definitely NOT ok on private ones; it can get you banned, permanently.
    Also, BitComet is a horrible client, please get uTorrent, Vuze, or Transmission, depending on your platform.
    The best way to increase your download speeds is:
    1. Put your ports through your firewall(s) - port forwarding
    2. Use QoS to put torrents at a very low priority (so traffic, such as Steam, World of Warcraft, or even regular internet browsing, can "push" it aside) (this is something I've done so my parents can surf/check banking without my internet getting overloaded)
    3. Use good settings (connections in/out, # torrents going at once)
    4. Have an Internet Service Provider that does not block BitTorrent traffic AND does not throttle speed back.

    A good resource is http : // which can give you information on how to work Vuze, and information that is also good for other clients.
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    thanks for the reply!
    I have indeed experimented with every single client out there and it seems that bitcomet is still the fastest for me, and i don't know the reason. I've heard stories of how bitcomet 'cheats' although i don't really get it.

    But i don't think that our download speeds are usually bottlenecked by our amount uploaded, are they? I often get 1000kbps speeds on a new task till i finish it when i limit the upload to only like 30kbps. It seems to me that it still boils down to how popularly shared those files are.

    Thus this new premium service offered by bitcomet really make me wonder if they are improving the speeds of the those who pay at the expense of those who doesnt. Either by making us upload preferentially to them or by some other conspiracy theories. I have tried doing research but i still don't really comprehend the mechanics of p2p
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    That would not be the first time. :mad:

    I would love to keep certain clients from connecting my box, but unfortunately my client (uTorrent) has very limited... and frankly, poorly working filtering capabilities. :(
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