Memory upgrade problem and perhaps BIOS bug

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    RAM Limit

    At I wrote about this issue.

    Essentially, available RAM is dependent on the architecture (physical characteristics) of the mobo (i.e. chipset, RAM configuration, processor - the "wires" if you will). It is the architecture that determines how much data can travel through all of the system busses at any given time. Thus if your mobo maxes out at 2.5GB you cannot make it (flash, e.g.) handle any more data at a given moment - there are not enough "wires" to carry any more data. So the answer is - No, you cannot flash your BIOS to increase the amount of data traveling through the system busses by adding RAM in excess of the limits imposed by your machine's architecture.

    Before you flash your BIOS for any other reason, I suggest you scan these forums, Google, etc., and familiarize yourself with the pitfalls. In my experience, it is a rare phenom necessitating a BIOS flash.

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