Microsoft discontinues Windows Phones

Discussion in 'Mobile and Portable' started by GOD666, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. GOD666

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    Aug 1, 2015

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  2. maddogster

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    Mar 23, 2015
    yeah HP discontinued the last windows 10 phone to come out the Elite X3 but microsoft will support till 2019 with security updates; yeah am sure billy gates kids on iphone and xbox/playstation/nintendo and whatever else kids love which is how any company should follow trends :)
  3. Winter

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    Jun 25, 2009
    Post-Gates era seems quite problematic for Microsoft. They seem to have no idea which way to go. Windows 10 as a service, announcement that W10 will be the last Windows, etc. And now Windows Mobile. They had plenty of time to make something worthy in a battle against iOS/Android but didn't do anything special. Rewriting apps for Windows Mobile 10, paying devs for making more apps was a poor choice it seems.

    MELERIX MDL Addicted

    Nov 7, 2011
    Windows Phone is based in Windows 7 and 8, so no more features are introduced, just extended support for security updates, now the development continue in Windows 10 Mobile.
  5. Ocygord

    Ocygord MDL Member

    May 26, 2011
    Exactly. Why don't they just go bankrupt already and die? Microsoft is finished.
  6. Michaela Joy

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    Jul 26, 2012
    @Winter: IMHO they're trying to implement ideas that Bill Gates came up with, but Bill Gates isn't there to manage the 'day to day'.

    New leadership, new way of doing things. I must admit that, from my perspective, it has been a bit of a struggle for them.

    It all boils down to profits. Bill Gates mentioned Windows as a service himself, back in the days of Windows 98.

    And MS has always 'farmed out' code. It served them well in the past.
    Perhaps different management is causing this?

    Not by a longshot. ;)
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  7. Ocygord

    Ocygord MDL Member

    May 26, 2011
    They have nothing left except the monopoly of OEM machines.

    I won't comment on the Windows phones because I know little of it since I've never actually used one them. But I can say that it's highly unlikely for microsoft to capture the mobile market. Android will be the leader for years to come.

    Windows as a service might have been an ideea back in the day but it never actually took shape untill Bill Gates retired, why is that? They had the money, the vision why did they start the WaaS from Windows NT?
    Windows 10 is a mixture of many ideas wrapped under one package. They have no direction, no goals other than making money. And all they do is shove useless crap with their OSes and see what the reaction of the public. For instance, Windows 8 was released with metro interface, the people didn't like it, they made 8.1 with an even crappier metro interface with a useless start button. That's what they do: bumble like a bunch of hasbins.

    Microsoft Office has bugs that are more than 10 years old. You might think that a new product version would equal bug fixes and the new functionalities. In their case is the opposite: they add functionalities but never repair their old bugs. Same with Windows and Windows Server. And Office 2010 is much faster than 2016, makes you think doesn't it?

    Windows Server is an expensive piece of crap. It works for the moment for them because of their Active Directory.
    Windows 10 has linux shell capabilities and see they will port Active Directory to linux, as well as Hyper-v and SCCM.

    As for me, I have 2 desktops and 2 laptops and all of them will be moved to linux in the next couple of weeks. I can't use 10, it annoys me and insults my intelligence.
  8. wendellhill

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    Jan 3, 2018
    I don't like Windows Phone
  9. Gentle

    Gentle MDL Novice

    Jul 13, 2009
    Bit gutted, holding on to the 950xl until it dies completely, sadly windows phone was an excellent mobile os, I've got an android device, just can't get on with it, looks like the future is throwing money at apple for me, sad times :(
  10. PointZero

    PointZero MDL Addicted

    Oct 5, 2011
    Azure (cloud computing) is making tons of $ for them and just keeps growing. It's growing so much that some stock analysts think MS could be the first company to reach a trillion dollars in market capitalization. It's a race between them, Apple, Google and Amazon. MS is far from done- they're just evolving.

    Did you make the switch to linux?

    I agree. It's unfortunate that Windows Phone didn't get more popular because it was a good mobile OS. Lack of apps hurt them. Hopefully MS will get back in the phone market in the future and use this chapter as a learning experience.