Microsoft Office 2003 - Turkish language or language pack

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by deblod, Sep 11, 2010.

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    Sep 5, 2010
    Yeah, I know the year we live in and Office 2010 is already out, but can someone point the digitalriver links for any one of the iso's below -- or any original Turkish Office 2003?

    Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003 (Turkish)
    File Name: tu_office_2003_pro.iso
    SHA1: 60DC1719F5803BB077AB071A9C7ED88D2A1976F1 ISO/CRC: 3DFBCD1D

    Disc 4: Office Professional 2003 Multilingual User Interface (x86) - CD (Czech, Hungarian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish)
    File Name: cs_hu_ko_no_pl_tr_disc_4_office_professional_2003_mui_x86_cd.iso
    SHA1: C3AB2284B83275335EE98100A1C6396F319D1C5B ISO/CRC: 17ACA599

    Office 2003 Service Pack 2 for Multilingual User Interface Pack (Turkish)
    File Name: tk_office_2003_sr2_for_mui.exe
    SHA1: 06FA3D64E568277982955AC5DD0D610D7B23D285 ISO/CRC: BB32AA85