Microsoft reveals new Windows 8 pricing details

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    From Yahoo News:

    Microsoft (MSFT) has been running a special promotion to entice consumers to upgrade to Windows 8, where the company has offered the operating system for as low as $39.99 since it was released last year.

    However, that offer price is slated to end on January 31st and Microsoft on Friday announced pricing information for Windows 8 that will take effect on February 1st.

    The prices are as follows:

    *The Windows 8 Pro Pack will be available for $99.99,

    *The Windows 8 and Windows Pro upgrade editions will be sold for $119.99 and $199.99 respectively,

    *The Windows 8 Media Center Pack will be offered for $9.99.

    Despite selling more than 60 million licenses, analysts have said that Windows 8 adoption is off to a slow start and the company’s new pricing model is only expected to hamper it further.

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    Aug 13, 2012
    right. And where is the word "FREE"?. I wouldnt pay a cent for something that not even sells me adverticements but spies me :tea:
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    What are you grumbling about :confused: :(:tea:
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    Aug 24, 2011
    He want to tell that Windows 8 is calling home always,for any program you use,any Internet activity and so on...:mad:
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    You mean just like windows vista and 7 :D
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    And like every android device on the market and every app on it!

    Why are Linux millionaires so much better than Microsoft millionaires? :D
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    Aug 10, 2012

    LOL Linux millionaires..; THIS will NEVER happen ... nobody could never become a millionaire with linux

    because nobody work for free
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    Aug 24, 2011
    I wish to be with Linux but I like Ubuntu but I HATE Unity (sorry for off-topic)
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    i thinkk if microsoft changed the price will lose more because no one intrested in it tell now

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    Oct 26, 2012
    The Price Increase Takes Effect For Some Retailers To Cash-In
    I notice a on-line retailer who was charging £49:00 for The Windows upgrade DVD x86 &x64 version in the UK last Thursday 17/01/2013
    Then on Friday 18/01/2013 The Price Increase To £199:00 plus cost for delivery
    It seems some retailers will be selling old stock at new M$ prices & they will blame M$ for the increase, so looks like those wishing to obtain the genuine discs will have be quick
    Some on-line retailers are still at around £41 to £50 for the upgrade version, but how long before they become wise to the profit they could make
    Someone I work with pick his up from a online auction site for about £35 then got a Windows media centre key all work fine he perform a clean install
    The price now will surely put some people off but in the end its the user CHOICE
    If Microsoft are to introduce a new operating system every 12-18 months then windows users will look for upgrade deals & the sales of the retail version will decrease due to overpricing
    So for those that still wish to use windows 8 be quick to take up any offers that M$ have before they come to a end or purchase your box retail
    If your happy with your current setup whatever it maybe genuine or non-genuine the choice is yours you can change to another operating system if you so wish
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    I feel pity of anybody from MS, to whom will be given the task from boss to analyze the list of rubbish programs I run and porn sites I visit.
    Hey everybody, why do you so overreact with this "privacy" thing?
    Your personal data has same value as mine, NONE, because we are all insignificant... :D
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    That is, except for the 40 millions licenses that had been sold within the first month of its availability on 26th October, 2012 and 60 millions, including both upgrades and sales to OEMs, at last count, two weeks ago. :biggrin:

    Not true.
    They are different versions.

    Microsoft sells (Upgrade)web-based digital versions at $14.99 and $39.99.
    Instead of downloading, you have an option to buy a DVD version at Microsoft Store for $69.99.

    Retailers sell Retail Box versions which are not available at Microsoft Store. The attractive Boxes contain separate 32-bit and 64-bit Setup discs, a Welcome Card and your your Product Key.

    In addition, Retailers also sell for the first time OEM System Builder packages installations for home-built computers.

    All these different versions are priced differently.