[Minor issue] Wallpaper Change Lag... MANUAL only though . . .

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by BMW, Apr 13, 2011.

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    Mar 23, 2011
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    I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit...

    everytime I manually change my desktop wallpaper,

    by selecting Next Desktop Background

    I get a weird lag...

    the wallpapers are on my internal drive...so no idea what could possibly be 'causing this lag...

    I highly doubt it has anything to do with the internal hard-drive either,

    as it doesn't lag when it changes automatically ! ...even when the frequency is just 10 seconds !

    it ain't anything major at all, but it does get irritating :p

    A permanent solution is most welcome :D

    Cheers ! :D

    ------------- Other Notes :: ----------------------

    I had upgraded from Vista to 7 ... incase that could be a possible issue...
    (assuming it has anything to do with system files...)

    already tried running sfc /scannow .... as I had to do it anyways for the Explorer issue I had, ( ...check my other topic. . . )
    still have the same wallpaper change lag issue. . .
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