Modded Intel Raid SSD-Driver into Thinkpad

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    Aug 22, 2014
    Hi all,
    I've a big problem of integrating a changed Intel RAID-OROM with the possibility of the TRIM-Command into my Lenovo Thinkpad W701.

    At Fernando's Win-Raid-Forum where I also got the tip to look inside this forum, I found the fantastic news, that a small change of the Option ROMs for SATA RAID Controllers may allow the TRIM-command also with SSDs inside a RAID0.
    At this side, there are also some changed OROMS of the RAID Controllers.

    My big problem: I'm only a total newbie in modding the BIOS and don't find useful informations, that helps me intergrating the modified Intel OROM into my BIOS.

    What I did and what seems to be a solution into the right direction, but didn't really work at the moment:

    1.) phcomp /D $01C0000.FL1 --> Uncompress BIOS-File
    2.) phnxsplit.exe $01C0000.FLh --> Extract modules
    With this steps, I got a OPROM06.rom, which seems to has the required original OROM Version of the SATA-RAID-Controller.
    phcomp.exe and phnxsplit.exe come from endeer bios-tools

    But the extracted OPROM06.rom has a size of 79,872 Bytes, whereas the modified OROM, (same Version from Fernando’s Win-RAID Forum has a size of 84,992 Bytes and differs at a lot of Bytes.
    So the assumption is, that the extracted OROM from my BIOS still is in a compressed form.

    So I did the following steps to put the modified OROM from Fernando's forum into the same Format of the Phoenix-BIOS:

    3.) Create a new file OPROM.SCR (modified from LOGO.SCR, which was a part of the BIOS-Update)
    BANKS -N:1 -S:256 # Flash accessed as one(1), 8192 KByte (64Mb) bank.
    COMPRESS LZINT # Use LZINT when compressing modules
    BOOTBLOCK -S:128 # (J) PSI style, no BB.BIN needed
    OPROM OPROM06n.rom
    4.) COPY 8086-2822_9501037.bin OPROM06n.rom --> Copy the modified OROM from Fernando's site to a short-named one
    5.) fp.exe OPROM.scr
    6.) fi.exe OPROM.scr
    7.) rom2mod.exe BIOS.ROM BIOS.MOD

    With this steps, equivalent to integrating a new Splash-Bitmap, I hoped to also transfer the modified OROM into a Phonix-BIOS-like format.

    The big problem: It doesn't work!

    With the described OPROM.SCR, the rom2mod.exe crashes.
    It works, if I delete the line with the COMPRESS LZINT inside of OPROM.SCR.
    But the I get a file with only a size of 40KB, near the half of my original OPRIM06.rom.

    My guess now is that perhaps the parameters inside OPROM.SCR has to be adapted.

    Therefore the question to all experts here in the forum:

    Has somebody experience how to integrate a changed OPROM (especially the Intel Raid) into the Phoenix-BIOS ?
    Any help is very welcome, because at the moment I don't have any idea of how to integrate the changed OPROM into my BIOS.

    So I hope, here are the right experts to help me?!?

    Thanks a lot,