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Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Aenra, Dec 21, 2016.

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    Nov 15, 2016
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    Will soon be setting up a new unit from scratch (this time am changing everything), monitor included. Was hoping the more knowledgeable folk here would be kind enough to pass some advice?
    What i'm after:

    1920x1080 max res
    22'', or as close as (ie a 27'' with said same max res is out of the question)
    1ms rate
    DVI output

    Any suggestions are welcome of course, but if you lack the patience to do so:

    Thus far it seems i'm stuck between relatively cheap Asus monitors -not exactly a fan of Asus, their material quality is abysmal- and a BenQ XL2430T (i can't post URLs before 20 posts, sorry 'bout that).

    What's the issue? That it's a BenQ.. not exactly the most inspiring brand name in the market. Yet the particular monitor appears to have scored very high in numerous reviews and tests, so color me confused. I can live with a 150-200 bucks monitor turning out to be subpar, but close to 500 and it's a different matter.
    Any input or advice would be appreciated. And thank you for reading :)
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    Dec 31, 2016
    Monitor Recommendation

    BenQ monitors have gotten much, much better in their overall quality in the last 5-7 years.

    I have a number of clients that use BenQ monitors and they love it.

    I am partial to LG and Samsung monitors.

    Here is what I would recommend for your needs.

    PCPartPicker part list: Go to pcpartpicker
    Price breakdown by merchant: Go to pcpartpicker

    Monitor: LG 25UM56-P 25.0" 2560x1080 60Hz Monitor ($149.99 @ Newegg)
    Total: $149.99
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
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    Feb 18, 2013
    In August of 2014 I bought two Acer S241HL monitors from Newegg. Normally $199, sale price was $119. Still available at Amazon for $126.

    I got really pissed at Acer. I went to register on line for the one year warranty, they said my serial number was already registered! Then I tried to register the second monitor, same error message. Then I compared both my monitor's serial numbers (both the shipping carton label and label on the monitor itself) and discovered they were identical! Really upset that Acer couldn't grasp the concept of a serial number. I even posted a snippy review on Newegg.

    But the monitors themselves have been flawless and a joy to use. And after one year, the warranty period was over, so it's a mute issue now that I couldn't register them.

    They are IPS. Why do you want non-IPS? TN screens are horrible when compared to IPS.

    You can't post links, but you can post pseudo links and most everyone will know what you meant. Like h**p or h t t p (spaces).

    Almost forgot - Welcome to MDL!
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    Nov 15, 2016
    Thank you both for replying :)
    (and assuming you get to read this after midnight, happy new year!)

    That's good to know actually, thank you. Guess i'm still stuck to pre-historic times, when BenQ was the result of Siemens saying goodbye to China forever (with good reason) and the company passing hands.

    Now in as far as both your recommendations go, i've come across a couple of screens sporting 1ms rates at such a low price, but i just kept on looking. Reason being i already own one within said range and as it happens, it's also an LG. To be frank, they are s**t. Bad, bad color quality. Which is understandable, they're at the 150 range, no one expects miracles.
    But i'm looking for something a lot more qualitative, bout 500bucks, hence the OP.

    In as far as IPS vs TN, the simple answer is response rates. Has to be 1ms, has to be at or near 22''/23'' (larger screen but with same resolution is also a loss, reasons being obvious).

    Have yet to find any other contestant thus far, so unless anyone suggests something different, i guess i'll risk purchasing the BenQ one. Will make sure to /necro and post my thoughts on it if so.
    Once again, thank you both for replying guys :)