1. JMKeene2009

    JMKeene2009 MDL Novice

    Nov 16, 2009
    Well, it's really a Logitech trackball, but...

    Ever since the day I upgraded to IE8, my drag/drop and windows resize functions have been skittery. Icons drop while moving them, other shortcuts pop open as I drag something across them, etc. I arrived here by doing a web search of "windows drag drop resizing problems" and found someone in the Win 7 forum describing my problem....

    upgraded to windows 7 from vista ultimate, but now I can't resize windows easily by grabbing the corner and expanding; it feels like the cursor always slips off into the background during the drag, same thing happens when I want to drag and drop an item into another folder, anyone know a solution? Thanks

    That's the same basic thing that is happening to me, except it occurs during any drag/drop process, such as in highlighting text, etc. I do a lot of highlighting all day long in my research projects, and this is just driving me buggy.

    Just so you know upfront; it's Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005; I have all the protection software running and scans have shown nothing hiding out causing problems; I noticed the problem immediately after I installed IE8 (though I'm not saying it's to blame, but it does have this new feature of popping up the blue square when you are copying/pasting, etc.); the trackball is a newer Logitech marble mouse, and it's in great shape; and, no, I haven't dumped my trackball drivers and tried to reinstall - should I have to do that just because I upgraded??? if so, that sucks on the part of IE8; other than that, I'd just like to figure this out before I reach into my monitor and start moving things by hand.

    It really is frustrating when you opt for a new version of something, and it gives you weeks or months of grief in the process. I know this will (hopefully) get solved, but that last thing I want to hear is "upgrade to Win7 and your problem will go away" or something to that effect. I'm happy with my current version - have no need to spend money to change that - would just like to understand why this stuff comes from nowhere and causes so much grief. I'm sure someone will suggest it's a virus, or a trojan, etc. etc. That would be lovely, but it's not, so let's not go there, ok?

    Ok, so I'm hoping that's enuf info. Drag/drop copy/paste resize windows, etc. - it's a sort of skittish and driving me bonkers!

    Thanks in advance,

  2. vistadude

    vistadude MDL Member

    Oct 7, 2008
    The marble mouse is a pretty strong mouse and can take years of beating, but your problems lead me to believe the button is not making good contact. This happened with 2 Logitech mouses I owned. Over time, I wasn't able to drag and drop icons anymore and even sometimes clicks didn't register. Have you tried this mouse on another computer?

    Logitech marble mice don't need drivers really. If you're using setpoint, I would highly suggest uninstalling it as it's known for many conflicts.