Move script from 32 bit to 64 bit

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    Jul 27, 2008
    Hi, Its been a while. Long ago I got a script and edited it and made an All in one windows 7 32 bit.. What folders ect are needed to move this to a 64 bit iso? also where would I generally check (what INI ect) to see if the 64 bit serials are in the script. I have been using the 32 bit disc for all my installs that have slic 2.1 and the way I have it is it checks to see what oem and then installs the cert, backgrounds ect.. but I want to incorp this exact thing on the 64 bit just been so long and I don't have the original nor do I remember how I did it...

    I downloaded the 64 bit ISO so any quick responses would be great. I just did a bios mod of my new asus laptop and it took the 32 bit with logos ect (Thanks to whomever loaded the asus 2.1 cert) but It has 6gb of ram and not seen by my 32 bit install :(

    Thanks in advance