MPC TranSport T2500

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    I have a MPC TranSport T2500. Very nice laptop, dual core, HDMI, 4gig RAM, lots of other goodies, very high end in its day.

    Doesn't seem to be much action on modding MPC BIOS, desktop or laptop. Most MPC laptops were actually made by Samsung with slightly altered cosmetics.

    Bios can be downloaded from mpcdrivers dot com

    The laptop has no operating system on it. I'd like to extract the BIOS from that installer, if possible, and SLIC mod it for Windows 7. Since Windows Vista was an option on this model it may already have the SLIC version for that.

    The installer is an EXE wrapped in an EXE which only functions to drop the wrapped installer into C:\MPC\BIOS The first thing it does is check for the presence of a battery, so on a desktop it never gets to extracting any files to a temp location. I tried running it on my Dell laptop, had to have both a battery with at least 30% charge and the AC plugged in. At the dialog to go ahead and flash or cancel, it had only dropped a 64k DLL and an empty folder into temp. Seems Samsung/MPC didn't want anyone having an easy time getting hold of the BIOS files.

    I don't want to have to install XP or Vista just to flash this BIOS then do a backup to mod. That'd be a few hours wasted... :Flush: on the way to getting 7 installed.

    Thanks much in advance. :worthy:

    Edit: I installed Win 7 x64 with a multi-OEM USB stick and it identified as an Acer, but is on the 3 days to activate clock. Odd that it'd come up Acer when it's made by Samsung.