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    Jun 15, 2013
    I've dumped my bios to a USB Stick to MOD but how can you access a .1b0 file? I'm new to all this and want to mod the BIOS I already have installed, the reason being I had a lot of problems updating my BIOS due to a problem with the ME side of things not updating correctly and it trashed my drive. Luckily I have a dual BIOS and managed to repair (unofficially).You can see the problems I faced linked below:;nowap As the installed BIOS is not an official release as explained on the link, is it safe to MOD as it also includes the ME Update? In fact my BIOS does allow me to select what to update where it didn't before, I can update the BIOS or ME or both from what I can remember...Any advice appreciated...Many thanks in advance...