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    Recently I bought an MSI notebook CR650 (AMD E-240 (they say it's a dual core cpu but in fact it's a single core weak processor :( I was deceived, very weak processor !) 1.5 GHz - AMD Radeon HD 6350 (not bad) - 4 GB RAM (useless since the processor is very weak o_O ) - the OS is Windows 7 Professionnal 32bits.

    Games like GTA Vice City - Portal 1 - Halo 1 works without no problem at the highest resolution supported by the GPU (1366x768 ) I have No lags while playing those games. However, in CS 1.6 I have a few little lags while playing online.

    The problem is with Internet browsing : Facebook videos are laggy and freezes the browser, the navigation experience is bad, I tried many browsrs (firefox, google chrome) FLASH PLAYER is the trouble maker !!

    The computer is really slow, for example, I can't install a program and do other things... the computer become very VERY slow ! even if I use the classic theme and disable all visual things, the computer is always slow no changes it's always the same.

    If I watch a movie and open for example a simple program or a window the movie become laggy... in fact the AMD E-240 sucks hard !

    If this computer is running GTA Vice city who I think consumes many resources than a web browser or a program installer, why it cannot run the simple tasks in a good conditions :eek::confused: WTF ???

    When I bought this computer, I installed on it Windows XP, it's more lighter than 7, I found all the drivers except the "Chipset/VGA driver" (AMD), I didn't found a compatible driver for XP, I tried with the 7 driver but the installation failed, that's why I installed 7 :( AMD didn't make a driver for XP grrrrrrrrrrrr

    Can you give me solutions to accelerate this computer ? I am very disappointed with this computer because I cannot browse the internet in good conditions and it's slow...and I can't buy another one I live in a poor country :( the only solution I found is to use a lighter OS like XP, but the Chipset/VGA's driver doesn't exist for that OS... otherwise I tried some tweaks in the registry and disabling some services, unfortunately, there is no notable changes !

    Thanks in advance and Sorry for bad english o_O