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    Hello members of MDL forum :)

    I have a problem with my MTP player and I want to ask if someone here can help me with a solution for fixing it.

    I have this player for over 5 years. It is a
    s.beat digital audio player (Swissbit MP3 chip: STMP 3550) with 1GB of memory capacity.

    By my mistake I used the Windows format function instead of formating my player over its software (Firmware upgrade tool), because I did not have the tool installed on my laptop.

    Now the player is not recognized as a removable device when I plug it in the USB port anymore and I can't transfer any data. I can not even use the s.beat Firmware upgrade tool to upgrade the firmware.
    I downloaded and installed the s.beat Firmware upgrade tool, detached other USB devices, started the tool and plug it with pressing and holding the player's navigation key in the USB port (I was not ask to provide any drivers, thought the player's supportedOS is Windows 98SE/Millenium/2000 SP4/XP SP2/Vista, and I have Windows 7 Ultimate on my laptop) and waited the tool to search and recognise the player, but the window which indicates that the player will be reset to newer values never appeared and it was showing the same message all the time ('Searching for devices connected to the system...').

    Do you think that Windows format lead to a complete loss of data and a non working player?
    I would like to ask you if you can tell me if there is a possible way to access the device and fix the problem.