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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by PanzerHauptmann, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. PanzerHauptmann

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Gutentag everyone. It is my first time posting, and I believe the topic is somewhat of a "discreet" one so therefore I will choose my words accordingly.

    Question is, I've recently noticed that man has come out with a variety of improvisional and facinating methods of "circumventing" validation/registration/etc. RE: Windows 7.

    Now we all know that M$'s networks connects directly to OS to obtain validation, and these "circumventions" in some way or another get around this or "trick" their system into authorizaing one's computer.

    With such in mind, I wonder, why cannot the same be achieved concerning online or multiplayer gaming? I've read on some other boards of people complaining that their however-obtained game cannot be played in "multiplayer" mode, due to the way in which they obtained the game, I am assuming.

    This seems to be quite the case with literally every single decent god given PC game out there. With the economy the way it is, dollar value going down, more demanding games out there, meanwhile Gamers' current system soon-to-be obsolete, I cannot begin to emphasise how important it would be to Gamers, all over the world, to access these Games not only in Singleplayer mode but Multi, as well.

    Bottom line to all this: Why can it be done with Win 7 and (even seemingly simpler CP coding) not with other progs??

    I read the brief forum rules before when signing up so I don't believe I've violated anything, but if I have, modz, u have my apologies.
  2. othar

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    Aug 31, 2009
    the problem is that micr*s*ft let a backdoor in win7 (and xp/vista before) for OEM ( the famous system based on Slic2.1 in the bios and some files...)

    it was a secret backdoor and they thought that nobody can find it and it is too difficult to do it... so the 8ball say "bad bet .. we found it and we can do it" ...

    this backdoor didn't exist in multi-player game (no generic serial... all multiplayer games are based on a white list of registered serial code)

    the second door (lo*der..) is not valid because it's based on the same backdoor... (we just put a "false door" in front of the normal door... to fool the system...)

    it's why we can have multiplayer games that works on "private" server.. but can't join official network...

    the protection scheme of multiplayer game is far superior of the windows one...
  3. straha

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    Oct 15, 2009
    The protection scheme of multi player games isn't really superior, it just has a completely different purpose. The reason windows has the "backdoor" is to make things easier for the millions of customers who buy preloaded computers. Can you imagine being an OEM and having to activate each and every computer you produce with a unique serial number? Or expecting everyone who buys a preloaded computer to activate it? It would be a nightmare, especially for big businesses who have tens and hundreds of thousands of computers.

    Multi player games first of all, do not have nearly the same distribution numbers, and generally don't come preloaded in such a way that pre activation makes any sense.